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Walmart Hires Rent The Runway Founder

In an effort to expand beyond bricks and mortar retail and its focus on fashion, Walmart has hired co-founder of Rent the Runway to oversee its first startup it's called Code Eight.

A Peek Into eBay's Future

Last week at Shoptalk, eBay shone the spotlight on some big changes rolling out in the next year, from fast and guaranteed shipping, to recent endeavours in artificial intelligence, fashion shows and ShopBot Beta.

Artificial Intelligence Forging Ahead in E-Commerce

AI is transforming the retail industry in a way that’s deeply personal and adaptive for each customer, enabling retailers to know what customers needs are before they even know themselves.

No AI Strategy? You're Dead

That's the prevailing theme at Shoptalk, a conference happening in March in Las Vegas, featuring a plethora of big name retail brands and technology players. Power Retail has the news on what the world's major...

By Grant Arnott | 22 Mar 2017