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Are "Real People" the Answer to Consumer's Trust?

ASOS included an image of a 20-year-old student in a product listing after being mocked by a date. The result has sparked a conversation about using "real people" as models.

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 03 May 2019
Snapchat Launches Snap Select for Premium Content

As the path to appealing to Millennial and Gen Z audiences has become increasingly difficult, Snapchat has found a new way to target advertising.

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 30 Apr 2019
Tempted to Quit Social Media? This Brand Did

Is the golden age of social media over? Are you tired of fighting for organic reach and throwing money at paid advertising? Is the answer to ditch social all together?

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 15 Apr 2019
Facebook Australia Shares Top Social Tips for Beauty Brands

Power Retail talks to Naomi Shepherd from Facebook Australia, to learn how beauty brands can leverage platforms like Instagram and Facebook to boost brand awareness and increase conversions.

April Davis By April Davis | 29 Nov 2018
Inside Look: Spiritwoods Botanicals Social Strategy

As part of Facebook and Instagram’s annual “Gift Guide” initiative, we talk to the owner of Spiritwoods Botanicals to learn how she uses social media to increase her business’s brand awareness.

April Davis By April Davis | 29 Nov 2018
A Look Inside Jane Lu’s Fashion Empire

Fashion icon, entrepreneur, influencer – these are all words that come to mind when thinking of Showpo’s founder and CEO, Jane Lu. However, despite her business acumen and booming fashion empire, she’s also surprisingly modest...

April Davis By April Davis | 17 Oct 2018
Revealed: Inside T2's E-Commerce Strategy

Ever wondered how T2 manages its e-commerce presence? The company’s Head of E-Commerce, Manik Godhwani, opens up about the business's key areas of focus, and its biggest struggles.

April Davis By April Davis | 24 Sep 2018
Instagram Reveals its Latest Shopping Updates

Instagram has rolled out a number of updates to its e-commerce functionalities to increase consumer engagement and shape how users interact with shopping posts in their feeds. The ICONIC and Stylerunner share their thoughts on...

April Davis By April Davis | 18 Sep 2018
General Pants Embraces Body Confidence in #NOFILTER Campaign

General Pants is the latest fashion retailer to embrace the body confidence movement, launching its latest social media campaign – #NOFILTER.

April Davis By April Davis | 17 Sep 2018