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Ensuring Omnichannel Enablement

The retail environment has seen a multitude of changes over the last decade. From the evolution of e-commerce to social media and mobility, there are now more channels to consider when formulating our Omnichannel strategy.

By Stephen Duncan | 14 Oct 2015
Five Omnichannel Predictions for 2014

Stephen Duncan provides his foresight to help us get the drop on omnichannel trends in 2014.

By Stephen Duncan | 03 Feb 2014
How Retailers are Enabling a Clear Customer View - Webinar

In our recent webinar, presented by Pronto Software's Stephen Duncan, we saw how major retail brands are leveraging data and analysis to enable a clear customer view.

Top Challenges Retailers Face When Ensuring Omnichannel Enablement

As retail technologies continue to evolve, there's an increasing number of opportunities to differentiate, as well as more challenges retailers must face, writes Stephen Duncan.

By Stephen Duncan | 11 Nov 2013
Data Is Powerful... But It Requires a Unified Customer View

Retailers now have more access to information about their customers than ever before. Here are three tips from Pronto's Stephen Duncan regarding how to make the most of it.

By Stephen Duncan | 28 Oct 2013
Data Is Powerful... But Are We Logistically Capable to Handle It?

Collecting data is one thing, but using it effectively is entirely another. Here, Stephen Duncan explores the technological and resource-related challenges.

By Stephen Duncan | 21 Oct 2013
Data Is Powerful... But Are We in Control of It?

Data is now at everyone's fingertips, at every level of every business. The analysis of that data and optimisation based on the insights yielded is another story for many operations, writes Stephen Duncan.

By Stephen Duncan | 14 Oct 2013
Blending Once Separate Silos: Bricks and Mortar Meets Online

One of the major challenges still facing retailers is how to successfully balance and complement online and offline channels from being separate silos, writes Stephen Duncan.

By Stephen Duncan | 13 Aug 2013