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Catch Group Unveils Plans to Capture Online Homewares Market

Catch Group has announced the launch of its new online magazine,, which it hopes will help empower consumers to make big-ticket purchases online.

April Davis By April Davis | 04 Oct 2018
Catch Group Relaunches Pumpkin Patch

Iconic kidsswear brand Pumpkin Patch has been brought back to life by Catch Group just in time for Christmas, with the launch a new collection. 

How The Home's CEO Transformed a Struggling Business

Going from a loss-making position when the business was purchased by AussieCommerce two years ago, The Home is now generating $18 million a year in sales thanks to the work of CEO Alexandra Mills.

Homewares Proving Promising for Founders

With proven success in the flash sales market, founders Adam Schwab and Jeremy Same are demonstrating their flair for homewares. Still in its first year, The Home is already showing the hallmarks of success.

By Sam Gopal | 08 May 2013