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Woolworths Outrage at Cuscal and Visa

Woolies has expressed outrage at its financial services provider, Cuscal, and Visa over a processing error that saw thousands of its customers charged twice for purchases made in March this year.

Amazon Launches New Prime Visa Card

In a bid to increase sales Inc. announced a new credit yesterday, aimed at its most loyal members, offering 5% back on purchases made on the retailer's website.

Visa Counter-Sues Wal-Mart, Alleging Manipulation of Payment Terminals

Visa has filed a counterclaim against Wal-Mart, alleging the retailer has reconfigured its payment terminals to only accept debit-card PIN transactions.

By Julian Thumm | 01 Jul 2016
Wal-Mart and Visa in Public Fight Over Fees

Wal-Mart Canada and Visa are in the midst of a public fight over transaction fees, with Wal-Mart stating it will start rejecting Visa cards from next month.

By Julian Thumm | 20 Jun 2016
Williams-Sonoma Launches Shoppable Videos with Visa Checkout

Visa and Williams-Sonoma are teaming up to offer shoppable YouTube videos with quick and easy online payment service Visa Checkout.

By Sam Gopal | 05 Jun 2015
Stripe in Strife as Payments Space Reacts to Australian Launch

With the launch of Stripe into Australia, suddenly the local payments space seems to have reached capacity. Now, eWAY Founder Matt Bullock has stepped into the fray to point out Stripe's major flaws.

Visa, Amex Agree to Reduce Unreasonable Surcharges

While Visa and Amex have agreed to uphold the Reserve Bank's new transaction surcharge restrictions, there's yet to be any indication that merchants will.

eBay's PayPal Receives Payments Industry Recognition

A sign of the times? eBay is now able to rub shoulders with MasterCard and Visa after its payments operation, PayPal, has attracted ongoing coverage from an investment bank.

Rumours That iPhone 5 Will Support NFC Ring True

Visa confirms it is in discussion with Apple to include NFC technology in the next version of the iPhone, but it may still be months away.