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Amazon Vies for Toy Supremacy, Looks to Fill the Toys ‘R’ Us Void

Reports have surfaced claiming Amazon is looking to print and distribute a holiday catalogue, as the e-commerce giant tries to make a buck from Toys ‘R’ Us’ US demise.

April Davis By April Davis | 06 Jul 2018
Another Industry Amazon’d

It seems Amazon isn’t content with ruling just retail. The company has now thrown the healthcare sector in the US into disarray following its latest corporate announcement.

Banduccci Hunts New Tech for Woolworths

On Tuesday Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci was hearing from tech startups in New York that could benefit its tech hub Woolies X. This follows news Amazon has taken some action towards grocery retailing in Australia.

Amazon Eyes Australian Grocery Sector

Amazon has renewed its Whole Foods trademark in Australia, suggesting it has its eye on our $100 billion grocery market, which is cause for concern for Coles and Woolworths.

Moody’s Damning Report on Amazon

Amazon Inc. is still a long way from dominating the US retail market according to a recent Moody's investor report despite recent perceptions its merger with Whole Foods will dominate grocery retail.

Amazon's Plans To Shake Up Grocery Retail

Just as Amazon has disrupted other categories of retail, it will do the same with grocery. As the deal to acquire Whole Foods Market comes to a close today, Amazon says it will slash the prices...

Amazon Sells Debt To Pay For Whole Foods

Amazon is selling debt to pay for its US $13.7 billion deal to acquire Whole Foods Market, in order to power Jeff Bezos’s plans to triumph in the supermarket retail sector.

By Grant Arnott | 16 Aug 2017
What Amazon Buying Whole Foods Means For Woolies

While Amazon buying Whole Foods Market doesn’t directly affect Woolworths, it does however highlight a very real threat posed to it when Amazon spreads its wings further in Australia in coming months.

Bizarre Story of How Amazon and Whole Foods Deal Came to Be

Last week shockwaves went through the grocery retail sector when Amazon purchased organic food chain Whole Foods Market. “Dreams can be powerful things,” says Whole Food's CEO John Mackey.