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Inside Zulily: Data Scientists, Engineers and Machine Learning

International marketplace Zulily tells us what it takes to create a personalised experience for every shopper and why 92% of purchases come from repeat customers.

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 18 Apr 2019
Zulily Launches ‘Thrill Week’ Sales Event

Zulily has announced its first ‘Thrill Week’ shopping event, where it claims it will “wow” consumers with exclusive deals like $5,000 shopping sprees for only $10.

April Davis By April Davis | 17 Jul 2018
One Kings Lane Looks to Sell

Another flash sale site, One Kings Lane, is looking to sell for less than a quarter of its peak valuation, as the flash sale era goes gentle into that good night.

By Julian Thumm | 25 Jan 2016
Zulily Acquired For AUD$3 Billion+

US-based flash sales website Zulily has just been acquired by ecommerce giant Liberty Interactive for an astronomical figure.

By Grant Arnott | 18 Aug 2015
Zulily Experiencing Growth following Investment

Flash sale retailer Zulily is experiencing modest growth following corrective measures to turn the company's fortunes around, giving hope to investors.

By Sam Gopal | 10 Aug 2015
Alibaba Raises Stakes in US Retailer Zulily

Alibaba is continuing a year of great momentum, building its exposure in the US retail market by acquiring a larger share of Seattle-based retailer, Zulily.

By Sam Gopal | 12 May 2015
Insite Melbourne Event: Cross Border is Going to Boom

ChannelAdvisor's recent Insite event focused on e-commerce practices and trends, with international trade becoming the focal point of the day.