eBay Launches Training Course for Australian Sellers

By Campbell Phillips | 29 Jul 2013

So far there has been a distinct lack of training for online retail entrants in this country, but eBay’s new partnership with DDLS may change all of that.

eBay Australia has just announced the introduction of a new, official training course for information-hungry sellers to easily pick up best-practices.

Today, online shoppers have become more savvy while also being better equipped with technology than they were just a few short years ago. Comparing products and finding the best price is easier than ever and customers aren’t so easily seduced by clever advertising.

In this maturing market, online retailers need to become more sophisticated to meet the demands of the modern consumer.

Last week, eBay announced a new rating system for listings, demonstrating that most of the industry’s best-practices (mostly relating to shipping and returns) have become incorporated into customer expectations. Helping sellers to keep up-to-date with evolving customer behaviours is therefore and integral part of eBay’s ongoing strategy.

Now, eBay has partnered with national training provider, DDLS to deliver a series of national training courses for selling via eBay. The first course, ‘Starting Your Business on eBay’ is being run in both morning and afternoon sessions, and aims to show sellers how to get the foundations of a great eBay business right from the very outset.

As a half-day course, the programme is ideal for new or prospective business sellers, or sellers seeking to brush up on the basics of setting up on eBay. Bookings are now open for courses commencing mid-August in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Tim Davies, Manager of Seller Education and Engagement for eBay Australia and New Zealand, believes that DDLS are the ideal partner for offering this training course.

“With over twenty years of training experience across technology, process management and professional development, DDLS is the ideal training provider for eBay to partner with,” Davies says.

Having run his own eBay training course in late 2010, Davies understands the need for better seller education, as it benefits both seller sustainability and buyer experience (he also runs his own eBay store).

“I was amazed at how much eBay sellers weren’t even aware of what they didn’t know,” Davies explains. “Closing the knowledge gap empowered many of the course graduates to grow strongly on eBay, with some even doubling and tripling their eBay sales volume in just a few years through better business planning, efficient listing management and first class customer care.

“Most successful sellers on eBay today learned through trial and error, and made plenty of mistakes along the way, including myself. Well structured education can remove some of the uncertainty and risk associated with any business.”

Mal Shaw, CEO of DDLS, also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership.

“DDLS is delighted to partner with eBay to deliver a range of courses for sellers, starting with ‘Starting Your Business on eBay’,” Shaw says. “DDLS has designed and developed this course, in consultation with eBay, and will deliver it at our centrally located training facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with the intention to expand to our other locations, dependent on demand. In this course offering we strive to provide accelerated improvement in skills and knowledge that can lead to better business productivity and success for eBay merchants.”

Despite ongoing dynamic growth in Australian e-commerce over the past few years, there has been a noticeable lack of accessible training for those joining the industry. The new eBay/DDLS training course seeks to address this by granting access to some of eBay’s top selling tips, while also being supported by eBay’s brand new Seller Centre.

According to eBay, more advanced courses are planned to become available in the next six to twelve months.