Target to Pull Camp Gallipoli Products

By Sam Gopal | 17 Apr 2015

Department store chain Target is forced to pull three Anzac branded items from its Camp Gallipoli range as government clamps down on use of the word Anzac.

Retailer Target has been forced to pull three Anzac branded items from its Camp Gallipoli range after the government deemed them “inappropriate”.

A beanie hat, a hoodie and a foam can holder, have been pulled from shelves amid a clampdown from the Department for Veterans’ Affairs on the use of the word ‘Anzac’ on products, triggered by the public outcry earlier this week over Woolworths’ ‘Fresh in our memories’ campaign. It was felt that the prominence of the word on the hoodie and beanie, and the notion of the can holder itself, was not right.

The department store giant received a call earlier in the week from Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Michael Rolandson, requesting it pull down the campaign because it had not been authorised to use the word Anzac, which is protected under an Act of Parliament.


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A statement from the Department for Veterans’ Affairs said: “The Minister can approve the sale of goods bearing the word Anzac, if the use of the word is considered appropriate, and an acceptable portion of the proceeds are donated to charity.  For example, there are a number of commemorative items for sale of which a portion of sales are donated to the RSL or Legacy.”

Appealing to the masses, Target had been selected as the retail partner to help raise funds for the Camp Gallipoli Foundation, a not-for-profit series of camps being held around the country to mark the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli offensive. Surplus cash generated from the events will be donated to the Legacy and RSL charities.

Target was supporting the fundraising effort through the sales of 26 items, ranging from an $8 t-shirt to a $349 swag, all products useful to those attending the camps on April 25 and 26. The items had been given a 15 percent mark up on costs, with all profits going to the Camp Gallipoli fund.

A spokesman for Target said: “Given this broad level of support and the philanthropic, educational focus of the event, we felt it was the right thing to do to become a supporter of Camp Gallipoli. We acted in good faith and close consultation with Camp Gallipoli to develop the merchandise range and ensure the products were appropriate and respectful.

“All Target profits from the sale of these products will be donated to the Camp Gallipoli Foundation. We’ve been advised that a small number of Camp Gallipoli products do not meet the agreed branding guidelines, and so we have taken prompt action to remove these products from sale.”

Despite the company’s viewpoint on the situation, in the aftermath of the Woolworths marketing campaign, the retailer is facing criticism across social media channels of trying to commercialise the Anzac memory.

There are several brands supporting the Camp Gallipoli Foundation, but Target will not have a presence at the camps themselves, which are expected to attract tens of thousands of attendees across the country next weekend.


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