Five Reasons Email is the Essential Digital Marketing Channel

By Tink Taylor | 03 Aug 2016

Despite the growing range of digital marketing channels available to retailers, email remains the essential channel for engaging customers and gathering data.

Email is maintaining its status as a powerful tool within the digital marketing mix, despite the view that it’s an old and outdated form of communication. According to the Radicati Group, the number of email accounts held around the world will climb to 4.9 billion by the end of 2017. And with the emergence of sophisticated multichannel marketing techniques fuelled by smartphones, the millennial consumer and big data, the potential for email to exert dominance among the other channels is undeniable.

Below, we list five reasons why email, as a marketing channel, is your digital essential:

1 – Smartphone users interact with email continually

Kahuna data has shown that email is one of the most-used apps for smartphone users, with 86 percent of emails in Q1 2016 opened on a mobile device. In addition, an ADMA report found that consumers habitually check their emails throughout the day, amounting to an average of an hour’s consumption per day.

2 – Email enables communication through the customer lifecycle

Smart companies want to build customer loyalty and email offers a cost-effective way to establish personalised relationships at massive scale. Lifecycle marketing, with email at the core, aids a customer’s journey with the brand, from welcome/nurture sequences to a points-based loyalty program. If a company sends the right messages at the right times, customers are more likely to stay engaged and give the brand their business.

3 – Email offers high ROI with less cost

Content creation can become a time-consuming task when executed without email marketing automation. What’s more, businesses also lose the ability to initiate the large-scale, one-to-one conversations that cut through the noise and get results. Through using the potential of data and available marketing automation tools, companies can leverage advanced retail segmentation techniques and drive personalisation. Additionally, automated programs can help to capitalise on simple operations, such as abandoned carts, enabling marketers to focus on other priorities while increasing incremental revenue.

4 – Email connects your multichannel or omnichannel strategy

Email addresses are the passport to customer data. Gathering customers’ email addresses at the point of an in-store transaction enables the company to connect to its offline and online purchases. Only email addresses can provide brands with the benefit of uniquely identifying customers and tracking their journey.

5 – Marketing automation can enable multiple intelligent extensions

One of the key benefits of marketing automation is the integration with a wide variety of intelligent extensions. This can help companies customise emails through programs such as loyalty, e-commerce data, reviews and recommendations. The dotmailer for Magento connector is a good example of the seamless connectivity between technologies, which lets marketers put live customer data to work.

These five tips showcase how using email as a core marketing channel has the potential to drive better engagements, deepen customer relationships and increase that all-important ROI.

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