Megan Quinn: A Closer Look at a Serial Entrepreneur

By Campbell Phillips | 24 Sep 2014

For this businesswoman, being one of the founders of Net-A-Porter doesn’t provide an excuse for resting on her laurels. If anything, Megan Quinn appears to be doing the very opposite.

There are entrepreneurs who are so busy with all their many and varied projects that you’re forced to wonder how they find time in the day – and then there’s Net-A-Porter‘s Co-founder, Megan Quinn.

With Quinn due to appear at Power Retail’s inaugural Sunrise Breakfast events on October 7 and 9, we’ve decided to take a closer look at this entrepreneur’s diverse career background.

Being the daughter of a hotelier, Quinn was immersed in business from an early age. Over 25 years, Quinn developed her career specialising in the luxury end of retailing, advertising, publishing and design for fashion, jewellery, hotel and airline industries. A secondment to London in 1988 with Mojo advertising agency signified the beginning of 18 years of working with prestigious clients, perfecting her brand development and campaign design skills.

Megan Quinn

Megan Quinn – the definition of a serial entrepreneur.

In 1999 Quinn founded Net-A-Porter alongside three other entrepreneurs with a view to create a luxury retail offering online. Through a combination of sheer determination, experience and a keen eye for best practice e-commerce, the company survived the end of the first dot com boom and began to grow.

The Net-A-Porter website always aspired to look like an online equivalent of Vogue, and in achieving this high quality appearance, Quinn and her foundation team developed a website that truly stood out among the ranks of clunky websites – such as they were at the turn of the millennium.

The team also were one of the first to subsidise shipping costs in order to entice the consumer, as well as investing heavily in each order’s packaging. Each purchase was decorated with bows and rosettes, furthering the luxurious customer experience.

“We wanted to take every possible sting out of the tail, so subsidised shipping was just part of this,” Quinn said in an interview with Women’s Agenda in 2013. “Customers also automatically got free shipping, if they reached a certain level of custom. It’s all about catering to your clients and knowing your clients pricing elasticity and how to work within that and then still exceed expectations as well.”

Today, Quinn enjoys a position on the boards of several organisations, manages her own consultancy, and still has time for her kids. While her experience with Net-A-Porter has certainly lifted her visibility in the industry, Quinn’s exit from that business in 2003 did nothing to slow her down.

Not only does Quinn run her own consultancy, Q&Co, she also holds non-executive directorships at UNICEF Australia and Speciality Fashion Group, as well as being an Ambassador for Fitted For Work.

There’s no doubt that Quinn can be described as a serial entrepreneur, and with such a rich career history working across many areas – specifically in retail and advertising businesses – here is a role model that any aspiring businessperson would benefit to learn from.

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