Don’t Let Your E-commerce Store Go Down Like a Dad Joke

By Aparna Gray | 02 Sep 2016

With Christmas fast approaching, retailers should already be thinking about how to capitalise on peak periods. Are you Father’s Day ready?

Want to hear a joke about construction?

Nah, I’m still working on it #DadJoke

With Father’s Day right around the corner, thousands of Australians will be jumping online in search of the perfect gift for good ol’ dad. However, e-commerce retailers who fail to deliver a quick and easy online shopping experience run the risk of becoming a joke — A dad joke, that is.

In the retail business, Father’s Day is no laughing matter. According to the Australian National Retailers Association, Father’s Day sales hit $768 million in 2015, with experts expecting the figure to rise this year. With online retail eating into bricks and mortar sales at pace, brands with an e-commerce presence should be thinking seriously about how to tap into Dad’s special day.

If you think your website could be an oldie, but not a goodie, it’s time to take action, especially with Christmas looming. Here are some top tips to help you transform your e-commerce store into a cracker and make the most of Father’s Day this year.

  1. Help kids, big or small, find what they’re looking for. And quick.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, most e-commerce shoppers stick around for less than 59 seconds. So if you can’t direct them to what they want in less than a minute, you’ve probably lost them.

Put your search bar front and centre and use autocomplete technology. From the moment your potential customer begins to type, relevant products and images should be displayed in a drop down under the search bar, helping them to find what they want faster.

  1. Don’t forget about Grandad and Uncle Pete!

It’s important to remember that while the day itself is dedicated to ‘fathers’, there may be lots of people buying gifts for other father figures in their lives. Be sure that your search function recognises broad terms when referring to ‘fathers’, and even consider having collections of products devoted to uncles, grandfathers and husbands.

  1. Capture their imagination wherever they land

With more visitors now entering sites through product pages, as a result of organic search or paid ads, you can’t rely on converting shoppers with your imaginatively designed gift ranges if they’re only visible on your homepage. The best way to help kids and their mums find that perfect gift for dad is by using dynamic product banners to direct them to exactly what they’re after. By displaying centrally located merchandising banners highlighting ‘Gifts for Father’s Day’, you are more likely to encourage a shopper to stay on your site and potentially make a purchase, even if they don’t find the right product on the first try.

  1. Make your gifts stand-out on the move

These days, shopping is often performed on-the-go or while multitasking — with smart phone in hand. Consider your site truly ready if any shopper can find what they’re looking for by using only their thumbs. Enhance the quality of smaller screens. Improve speed. And don’t forget the holy grail of mobile shopping: the fewer clicks, the better.

All jokes aside, the most important thing to remember this Father’s Day is that no matter whether you settle on a practical gift for Dad, or something downright cheesy, we’re sure he’ll at least be grateful for the thought.


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