Brand, Content and Commerce at Flora and Fauna

By Julie Mathers | 08 Jul 2016

Flora & Fauna founder, Julie Mathers, outlines how brand, content and commerce intersect to engage the customer and deliver a great experience.

I’ve worked in retail for a long time across various disciplines and there is always one common thread that we often forget about: the customer. Anyone who has met me knows how passionate I am about an integrated customer journey and putting the customer at the heart of what we do. I’m amazed how many retailers still don’t do this, and the customer gets lost among the noise, process and politics.

At Flora & Fauna the customer is central to everything we do, and has the main seat at the table. Every decision we make considers the customer, whether that is new products, a packaging change, promotions, content or UX. But there are three other factors and they all have to be considered to make a rounded decision that is right for the business. These are brand, content and commerce.


Brand is critical to a company, and I advise anyone to ask themselves if they truly understand their company’s brand. I believe that you need to truly understand your brand before anything else. Live and breathe its DNA. It makes decision making a lot easier.


Content is king… when relevant. This includes product, web content, blogs, guides, emails, social and external content. Content can give you a significant boost in SEO, so it needs focus. But it also needs to be done properly, and while this might be time-heavy there are always opportunities to be cost efficient with what you do.

It is also crucial to be relevant to the brand and customer needs. Social is one of the most powerful channels out there when engaged and we’ve seen amazing results at Flora & Fauna. In my experience, content-driven traffic delivers you a far stickier, engaged and loyal customer.


Brand and content will struggle without commerce and this is the output of all your hard work, but it has to be managed and engineered. You need the right products and promotions; but how do you know what’s going to deliver the best ROI? It all comes back to knowing your customer, content and brand and a final element, data. Data helps you to plan, test, learn and adjust, and gives you insights that back up instinct; I’m a still a big fan of instinct but that’s the trader in me coming out.

For a business or role to be really successful and to keep progressing, you need passion, commitment, drive and to love, know and engage your customer. I have seen many businesses start and fail because of a lack of one or more of these.


Julie is presenting at Online Retailer on Wednesday July 20, in Sydney where she will explain her framework in more detail.

The 2016 Online Retailer Conference & Expo will take place on July 20-21 at the Royal Hall of Industries and Hordern Pavillion, Sydney. 

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