Infographic: The Future of Retail – Bringing the Virtual Experience into Reality

By Sam Gopal | 09 Jun 2015

As the phygital lines continue to blur, retailers need to be on top of four of the biggest retail technology trends bringing the virtual experience into the physical store.

While online retail spend continues to outpace traditional retail spend in Australia, there is still a strong case to be made for the role bricks-and-mortar stores play in bringing in vast revenue. To leverage the in-store experience to drive bigger conversions, the future of retail technology blends physical and virtual experiences.

However, keeping pace with the rate of technological transformation can prove challenging for some retailers and knowing where to start can be hard to pinpoint. Yet many retailers are embracing new developments, be it with beacon technology or augmented reality, to better interact with existing customers, attract new ones and enhance brand engagement.

Check out this infographic from Samsung Business USA, which provides a snapshot of four technological trends being utilised by retailers to offer customers a phygital experience.

The Future Of Retail: 4 Trends Bringing The Virtual Experience Into Reality

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