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According to a report titled A Global Perspective of Mobile Commerce recently published by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), purchases via mobile devices now make up 31% of all online purchases. In Australia, 31% of those surveyed make purchases on their mobiles  at least weekly, with 45% making mobile purchases monthly. The Asia-Pacific region is leading the rest of the world in frequency of mobile purchases.

However, like most surveys we see, some of the results are questionable when you drill down a little further, particularly some of the data presented in the smart-looking infographic below. For example, the infographic shows that 79% of the Australians surveyed were satisfied with their mobile commerce experience, remarkable considering how crap the majority of mobile experiences still are.

Most interesting, the report states that 75% of those surveyed made a purchase on their smartphone or mobile within the last month. That’s an impressive figure, until you examine the survey sample detail, which reads specifically:

“N=200 per market, who are 18 plus, conduct online activities on mobile (smartphone or tablet) and have purchased a product or service on mobile in the past 6 months.”

So when you consider that just to qualify for the IAB survey, you had to have made a purchase on a mobile in the last six months, and then when presumably asked that question in the survey, only 75% responded that they had made a purchase, you can take your pick of one of these conclusions:

  • 25% of the respondents are liars
  • 25% of the respondents are morons
  • 25% of the respondents couldn’t be stuffed answering a question they had already pre-qualified with.

So now, safe in the knowledge that the sample of 200 Australians (3800 worldwide) were already making purchases on their mobile devices in the last six months (or at least 75% were), enjoy the insights from the infographic below with a healthy grain of salt.


IAB Mobile Commerce 2016 Infographic

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