Permanent Penguin Update to Change The SEO Game

By John Vlasakakis | 29 Sep 2015

The next Google Penguin update has recently become a guessing game. With problems constantly superseding the launch of the next algorithm update, a longer than anticipated wait for eager users is on the cards. But with a longer wait, comes an even better proposal.

Google is planning for Penguin to omit the old school manual algorithm update. Instead, the plan is to run Penguin in real time providing continuously new link data and making the waiting game potentially a thing of the past.

The exciting announcement from Google has reached fever pitch as the predicted launch date looms (potentially the end of 2015). However, it’s clear they don’t want to get ahead of themselves and set a definite launch date more than a month out.

“We don’t want to roll out something that isn’t completely ready,”, said Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst team member, John Mueller. It seems Google would rather perfect the update and launch of real time algorithm alternations than release something half-hearted in response to pressure. Although it has been the equivalent of a decade in Google years, it will be well worth the wait when we’ll potentially experience a true improvement to the algorithm and future updates.

Nick Grinberg from GMG Digital agrees, saying “It is great news from Google as we will see real time results and penalties recovered quicker. Exciting times ahead in the organic search space.”

As hard as it may seem, maybe we should remain patient and give Google the benefit of the doubt for the time being, especially if it means a change to Google Penguin for the better.


2 thoughts on “Permanent Penguin Update to Change The SEO Game”

  1. John Vlas says:

    If any reader notice any movement on there sites over the next days please comment below, there has been a lot of activity with SEO over the past few days.

  2. Tabby says:

    Google may have been strict to webmasters and SEO specialists for years, but these algorithm changes have been roll out to streamline the web and get rid of people who have no other intentions other than scamming users.

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