Australia Post Study Encourages Marketers to Reallocate Investment into Print

A new research report, produced by Australia Post in partnership with ADMA, says consumers are most receptive to traditional advertising channels, as opposed to digital marketing.

A new research report, sponsored by Australia Post and conducted in partnership with ADMA, suggests that marketers are over-investing into digital marketing, while ignoring traditional channels to their own peril.

The report, titled ‘Creating connections that matter: How Australians want to hear from brands‘, is drawn from a survey that reflects the views of over 9,500 Australians, asking them which advertising channels consumers felt were most effective at influencing their purchase decisions. The document concludes that the top five channels considered most effective are actually ‘traditional media’, with catalogues and flyers taking the lead.

The Top Ten Advertising Channels:

  1. Catalogues and Flyers
  2. TV Advertising
  3. Press Advertising
  4. Radio Advertising
  5. Personalised Direct Mail
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Outdoor Advertising
  8. Social Media Advertising
  9. Online Display Advertising
  10. Telemarketing
Consumer attitudes in advertising

The report also yields insights into various types of consumer and their attitude towards advertising.

“One of the great advantages of digital channels is their enhanced measurability and the data they can generate,” said Australia Post Executive General Manager of Communication Management Services Tracey Fellows. “However, it‟s important not to lose sight of the customer perspective and their view of your business, your messages and how you communicate with them. This can sometimes be lost when solely focusing on listenership, clicks or hits.

“As we lean more towards the use of the digital marketing to promote our brands, we must remember the physical element of communication is still alive and well received by consumers.”

The report follows data released by Nielsen in the 2012/2013 Annual Catalogue Industry Report, which relates a year-on-year drop in advertising spend in catalogues and flyers (down four percent). Press advertising has also dropped 10 percent while direct mail suffered most at 26 percent.

CEO of ADMA Jodie Sangster believes that with the rise of consumer-centricity, it’s more important than ever that marketers understand which channels are best for communicating with customers.

“I would like to think that these results will challenge marketers to think differently about the channels they use to communicate with customers and how they allocate their marketing budgets to reach their audiences.” said Sangster.

The report also segments its findings according to various industry sectors, providing varied insights for professionals in – for example – fashion retail and supermarkets to consider. While the overall findings aren’t necessarily the same across each area, there is a general indication that some traditional channels are being underserved when compared with their apparent effectiveness.

What do you think about Australia Post’s latest report? Is this evidence enough to convince decision makers to reallocate funding away from digital marketing channels? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. How can a channel that empowers consumers to research, compare and find the best option not feature on the top 10 list of most influential channels!! I am guessing this focus is around brand engagement rather than what channels people actually value the most when making a purchase decision!!! Ok people lets take away search and your smartphones and see how you go engaging with brands and finding the best product solutions! I think digital is still heavily under invested in. How often to you end up on retail websites and get frustrated with the experience? Surely your website is your most important brand engagement channel and what consumers value greatly? I look forward to reading the report in more detail to make a better judgement. My catalogues go in the recycling!!!! And I turn the volume down on TV ads as they irritate the hell out of me. Makes me wonder what the younger up and coming generations will think? If your a brand thats relevant to be me engage in relevant contexts! For me its none of the top 4 but then I am not the average Australian!!

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