Rakuten Marketing Acquires Deep Forest

By Rory Betteridge | 20 Mar 2015

Rakuten Marketing announced its acquisition of US based mobile marketing company Deep Forest Media this morning.

The news accompanies plans to combine the company‘s cross-device algorithm with Rakuten Marketing‘s own rich consumer data to introduce a new mobile advertising platform that “excels in both reach and accuracy”.

“This will enable us to drive reach through mobile, and more deeply understand the customer journey,” Rakuten Marketing Australia’s Managing Director Anthony Capano told Power Retail, “The trend continues to be consumers focused on mobile devices. With enhanced mobile capabilities, we can give our clients a full capture of that customer journey.”

“With mobile commerce projected to reach $298 billion in 2015, we wanted to invest in a company and team that bring strong mobile capabilities to align with our vision,” added Tony Zito, President of Rakuten Marketing. “A critical part of that is integrating cross-device engagement and conversion data into our proprietary attribution solutions to reinforce and expand our commitment to performance and transparency.”

In addition to its cross-device targeting capabilities, the Palo Alto based Deep Forest caught Rakuten Marketing’s attention with its approach to hyper-local targeting, user segmentation and dynamic creative optimisation, making Deep Forest incredibly value to the company as that technology is brought in-house.

“Rakuten Marketing has a bold, customer-centric vision for the future of omni-channel marketing and we could not have found a better home for our team and technology,” said Deep Forest Founder and CEO Naghi Prasad in a press release. “With the synergies between our technologies and Rakuten data, we are poised to have the kind of impact on the market that will change the way we think about the consumer journey and how to optimise it.”

The acquisition of Deep Forest comes after acquisition of attribution group DC Storm, now Rakuten Attribution, as well as the launch of its own omni-experience attribution tool, Cadence Essential. Rakuten Marketing claims these recent moves are a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and bringing their clients closer to customers.

“This acquisition came after feedback and extensions of conversations we’ve been having with our partners,” said Capano. “There was a definite need to capture the mobile audience, to provide transparency, and to provide cross-device capabilities. These are areas of focus to us and we have responded to the market need through this acquisition.”

Formed in part from former Australian affiliate network Linkshare, Rakuten Marketing’s partners include a number of major Australian retailers, from Appliances Online, Deals Direct and Masters Home Improvement, to fashion retailers The Iconic, SABA, Sportscraft and Jeanswest, as well as cosmetics brand Adore Beauty.

“We serve a mix of bricks and mortar and pure play retailers,” commented Capano. “The acquisition of Deep Forest will enhance hyper local targeting and the ability to deliver dynamic reach and much more targeted advertisements to an engaged user base.”

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