How Urban Outfitters Reached 75% Conversion Gain

International fashion retailer Urban Outfitters has successfully leveraged mobile location data for a 75% conversion gain, by tapping into five messaging tactics in its recent mobile campaign.

Retail brands that use location data to enhance its messaging are improving its relevancy to consumers as a way to get noticed, as the quantity of branded messaging on mobile increases.

Urban Outfitters recently used geographical information in order to gain a better understanding of consumer behaviour and strategically used mobile functions like push notifications, email and in-app messages, which has resulted in a 146 percent boost in revenue and 75 percent increase in conversion rate.

Working with tech partners Appboy and PlaceIQ, US based Urban Outfitters manipulated mobile location data to gain consumer insights, highlighting the increased value of mobile and location marketing when it comes to good e-commerce practice. Location marketing has enabled the retailer’s team to hone into specific attributes for specific devices in specific locations, as opposed to broad geographical areas and broad demographics.

The use of emojis, deep linking, message testing and conversion tracking were other strategies that further boosted Urban Outfitters’ location data messaging. The company says that adding campaign location data has improved communication with its target audience, which is within its goal of providing a better consumer experience.

Cocktail Dress Promotion

One of Urban Outfitters’ objectives in its location data project was to reach out to a particular demographic for its cocktail dress promotional campaign, specifically targeting women who frequented bars and the nightlife venues across the US.

The fashion and apparel retailer used push notifications, email and in-app messages and balanced these out with message urgency and rich content.

The tactics that Urban Outfitters have applied in its location data campaign represent best practice principles, which includes personalisation, creative messaging, enhanced usability (via deep linking) and data analysis.

5 Key Tactics

Here are the five key tactics that Urban Outfitters deployed as part of its cocktail dress promotion campaign using mobile location data:

  • Emojis – Don’t mock it till you’ve tried it. To make its messaging more fun and eye-catching to its target market, Urban Outfitters included emojis in its push notifications, to add a light-hearted tone. Appboy recently discovered that iPhone and Android push notifications that included emojis has significantly higher open rates, increasing by 210 percent and 1,063 percent year on year.
  • Dynamic Audience Filters – to further target its outreach, the retailer used dynamic audience filters based on real-world information, amongst other data, to deliver messages based on consumer behaviour outside of its app. Its cocktail dress promotion, for example, was to promote to females who frequented nightlife venues.
  • Deep Linking – In order to provide a smoother mobile experience and increase message conversion rate, Urban Outfitters used mobile deep linking to send users directly to the relevant page when they tapped on the message.
  • Message Testing – The retailer evaluated separate versions of its campaigns to gain more insight into user behaviour.
  • Conversion Events – In order to ensure accurate observation of the impact of its promotional campaigns, Urban Outfitters tracked when its push notifications sent resulted in a purchase.

Beyond Urban Outfitters increasing its revenue by 146 percent and conversion rate by 75 percent, the company gained insights that improved targeted messaging for individual recipients within the campaign.

It’s important to be mindful that there’s no one size fits all approach to successfully manipulating mobile location data, however if you carefully evaluate, test and try and have the right partners, you will gain the right mix for your campaign and brand.


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