Mr Terry Shopper and the Stray Flat Packed Lamb

Ever had a retailer go above and beyond what was expected in order to meet your expectations? Mr Terry Shopper got the KARTON treatment when a cardboard lamb made a surprise visit to his office.

A mystery shopper, who for the sake of anonymity we will call Mr Terry Shopper, was reading through the Power Retail site and came across a fabulous article about KARTON furniture. While it may have been the outstanding writing that hooked him, it was a picture of a cardboard lamb that really grabbed his attention. Mr Terry Shopper has a fiance with a penchant for all things lamb-related who happened to be celebrating a birthday the very next day.

Instantly, Mr Shopper went straight to the website and sped through to check-out. With a $12 lamb in his shopping basket, he was even more thrilled to see that KARTON offered a pick-up option on Fridays between 2pm and 4pm from their warehouse in Clayton. Mr Shopper decided to take a late lunch and pick up said lamb as he quietly congratulated himself for being able to find the perfect birthday present at the last minute without waiting for delivery.

Alas, Mr Shopper arrived at the warehouse at the specified time, only to find the doors shut and no one in sight. He called the KARTON phone number, to no avail. He drove back to the office, defeated. The 35 degree temperature and wasted drive did nothing to help his mood. He emailed the company and explained what happened – not expecting a reply – and started (unsuccessfully) brain-storming other birthday present options.

Then, Mr Shopper received a pleasant surprise. A response and apology from the company and a promise that the lamb would be hand-delivered to Mr Shopper at his work address immediately. With a pop-up store that had recently opened and a flurry of activity at KARTON, the poor warehouse had been left unattended completely by mistake. Sometimes it’s just hard being that popular. It’s really difficult to stay mad when a company takes complete responsibility and offers to rectify the situation immediately.

The lamb arrived as promised. Mr Terry Shopper went from frustrated to very chuffed and we hear that Ms Fiance was thrilled to bits with her birthday present. Everyone lived happily ever after (including the lamb, who went to a very nice home).

So what’s the moral of the story? It probably doesn’t seem worthwhile for a company to hand-deliver a $12 cardboard animal (especially when most products on the site sell for over $100). But when it comes to retail, it’s not just about selling a product. It’s about selling an experience.

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