Affiliate Marketing’s Popularity Surge Triggers Commission Factory Upgrade

After eight months of design and development, Commission Factory has launched its latest platform in order to meet rising levels of demand for affiliate marketing. The new platform is designed not only to be more robust, but with a greater focus on reporting, security and compliance.

The team at Commission Factory are celebrating the development as an achievement for their organisation, but also the local affiliate marketing industry as a whole, which continues to grow as more and more businesses look to increase their digital marketing budgets.

“It was never about being the biggest,” says Managing Director Zane McIntyre. “For us it was about being a catalyst for change and seeing the affiliate marketing industry in Australia excel and rival that of other countries.”

Worth over $4.5 billion in the US, the affiliate marketing industry is considered both cost-effective and low-risk as far as marketing ROI is concerned. For this reason, it is expected that the local industry will continue to experience significant growth in the next few years.

Affiliate Marketing: Service and Education

The new platform also includes a comprehensive support centre, a Q&A section and training documents beyond the host of reporting and exporting tools. In this sense, Commission Factory has been redesigned to be as much an educational facility as it is a marketing services utility.

“We want our merchants and affiliates to succeed and their business to grow, and educating them on marketing and best practices speaks to this,” McIntyre explains. “When we launched our affiliate network just over a year ago, we were really surprised at how much of a knowledge gap there was regarding affiliate marketing in Australia.”

If growth forecasts are accurate and Commission Factory’s new platform is as informative as promised, that knowledge gap won’t exist for much longer.

For more information about Commission Factory, please visit our Solution Providers directory.

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