Big W Debuts State of the Art Advertising

By Campbell Phillips | 02 Apr 2012

Big W celebrates the installation of a new ‘living surface’ interactive display, a technology that aims to assist traditional stores in their battle against online retail.

Big W opened a new store in Canberra Airport last Friday with the aid of some state-of-the-art advertising technology, living surface. The display is described as an interactive surface with content you can touch, experience and play around with, thus creating a powerful focal point as an advertising alternative.

The display, developed by German tech house, Vertigo Systems, uses simple image-projection technology, combined with a motion-capture camera and some powerful software, creating a unique user experience that is well positioned for gamification.

The technology is such an attraction that it will even help bricks-and-mortar stores to fight the war of attrition against online retailers. Well, that’s according to Andrew Becker, Managing Director at DAT Media, that oversaw the recent installation of living surface.

“Some retailers are looking at living surface as a key differentiator and a way of generating increase store traffic,” he said in a press release. “The need to create a destination and a reason for consumers to visit physical stores is now critical for bricks and mortar retailers, given the web provides such broad access to price and ranging options.”

living surface has been deployed internationally by companies such as Coca-Cola, Epson, Toyota, Heineken and Samsung, however this is the first time it has been brought to Australia. The beauty of the system is its ability to be customised for the advertising campaign at hand, so its uses are really only limited by the imagination of the marketing teams that work with it.

While Becker believes the technology is a boon for traditional retailers, Justin Huntingdon, General Manager for DAT Media points out the technology could be adapted for online needs.

“At this point, there aren’t any businesses using living surface to direct traffic online,” Huntingdon says, “however, it could be configured to be incorporated into a social media campaign, thus driving traffic to online sites.”

If you owned a living surface in a public space, how would you use it to maximise traffic?

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  1. Sue russell says:

    I would like to install this floor at our gym in Melbourne Australia. Have you got a contact number?

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