Country Road Uses Mobile Marketing to Drive In-Store Sales

By Julian Thumm | 28 Jun 2016

Country Road has partnered with Facebook to reveal conversion data from its recent multichannel digital advertising campaign, with mobile marketing driving in-store conversions.

Aussie fashion lifestyle brand Country Road has partnered with Facebook on a conversion lift study. The study examined the brand’s multichannel Holiday 2015 campaign, which ran from November 17th to December 24th primarily across mobile.

Using Facebook’s digital measurement tools, Country Road was able to quantify the impact its digital advertising had on not just its online sales but in-store sales as well.

According to Country Road, every $1 spent on Facebook advertising generated an additional $18.20 in revenue, with $15.40 of that attributable to the brand’s physical stores. The campaign also proved to be five-times more effective in driving in-store conversions than online conversions.


The campaign used Facebook’s carousel and link ads across both mobile and desktop to reach a targeted audience. Using Facebook’s Custom Audiences tool, Country Road identified loyalty card holders, which meant that the retailer could target the people most likely to buy and tailor its message to specific shoppers.

Over 11 million Australians use Facebook on their mobiles every day. Country Road’s results are a good indication of how a targeted mobile marketing strategy can be used to increase overall sales, but especially how mobile marketing can drive in-store conversions.

“This is a first in understanding our Facebook campaigns’ impact on sales in our bricks-and-mortar stores, and the results have far exceeded our expectations,” said Paul Conti, Digital Marketing Manager for Country Road.

“They’ve proven that our digital marketing channels can help drive significant incremental revenue in our retail stores, over and above the outstanding results we’ve seen in the online space alone. We now have a much clearer picture of the lift we can achieve in both in store and online, and how the two worlds intersect, which is invaluable in informing our strategy moving forward.”

“This partnership with Facebook has highlighted the changing consumer path to purchase and the importance of integrating our digital and in-store experiences,” said Darren Todd, Managing Director for Country Road. “We’ve demonstrated the impact we can achieve across our marketing channels as we continue to modernise the Country Road brand and, most importantly, connect with our customer.”



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