Dusk Debuts Complete Online Channel Revamp

By Rory Betteridge | 01 Oct 2015

Homewares retailer dusk has unveiled a dramatic shift towards a digital-first marketing strategy as part of its brand refresh.

dusk signed on Perth-based digital agency Humaan as part of an effort to improve brand engagement online, extend its strong customer experience to its online presence across all channels, and establish new means to market the brand and its products. dusk Digital Manager Gavin Feilding opted away from simply updating the website, instead moving towards a complete customer- and brand-experience rethink to better bridge the gap between online and offline presences.

“With an ever-increasing number of customers interacting with brands online in the early stages of the purchasing cycle, a website overhaul was the core component of the strategy,” Feilding told Power Retail. “The intention was to create an innovative online brand experience and lay the foundations for a new standard in multi-channel retailing.”

“While the front-end of the website gives customers a better experience, a lot of work has gone into the back-end to customise the content management process, making whole process of managing the website day to day vastly more intuitive and time efficient.”

Dusk retail website shot

The development represents a growing trend of taking the online sales channel more seriously as a generator of sales, rather than a marketing channel, a sentiment Humaan sees as emblematic of the site’s new direction.

“We reimagined the dusk brand digitally and this ultimately became the basis for other marketing materials, reversing the traditional way of doing things whereby the website is often considered just another marketing channel,” added Humaan Director Jay Hollywood. “The strengths of the website lie in the balance of the brand positioning, e-commerce functionality and marketing, with a best practice online shopping experience throughout; from product recommendations based on user behaviour data, rich media and innovative visual merchandising alongside editorial content and promotions.”

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