Gamestop Finds Need For Speed On Mobile Too

By Rory Betteridge | 03 Oct 2014

In case you were under the delusion that the need for speed described yesterday only applied to PC browsers, think again.

As a telling example of the value of quicker loading speeds on mobile devices, US games retailer Gamestop are examining the benefits of a mobile website overhaul. Abby Callard at Internet Retailer reports that Gamestop has climbed its Mobile Commerce Performance Index by eight spots, thanks largely to increased availability of its mobile sales channel.

“In particular, it cut down on the frequency of requests that timed out,” commented Peter Filias, of mobile performance testing and analytics firm Keynote, responsible for maintaining the MCPI. “A timeout error occurs when an extended period of time passes without a server answering the call of a web browser, which eventually gives up.”

An ideal mobile channel…

    …should load completely within 4.5 seconds, and should offer different experiences across different wireless connections:
    – Wifi / 4G LTE: max. 50 elements at 500kb
    – 4G: max. 30 elements at 300kb
    – 3G: max. 10 elements at 100kb

Requests for website content will typically time out after a period of up to five minutes without progress; if that happens, a potential customer more than likely searches for an alternative they can access and take their money elsewhere. Filias claimed that instances of timeouts with Gamestop had reduced dramatically after the overhaul, citing the importance of load times specifically with mobile devices.

“Sites that are available and ‘useful’ for their customers are sites that are effective,” said Filias.

Games retail websites tend to be particularly resource-heavy, with images of products dominating the front page. Gamestop’s front end contained 74 elements weighing in at 723kb of data, which loaded completely 13.08 seconds after the request. Keynote’s elected market leader, Sears Holdings, has six elements at 52kb of data, with a load time of just under two seconds.

In local news, Gamestop’s Australian division and #34 on our own annual Top 100 online retailer list, EB Games, is hosting its annual EB Games Expo in Sydney this weekend. Games developers, publishers and retailers from around the world are gathering in the Harbour City to exhibit the latest in technology and games software, as well as showcase contributions to the field from independent Australian creators. You can find out more about the event through EB Games’ website.

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