A Glimpse into Hairhouse Warehouse’s Future Vision

In partnering with NetSuite, Hairhouse Warehouse is configuring its systems to enable a revolutionary omnichannel retail experience. Here’s a peek at what that future may look like.

Michael O’Connell, CFO of haircare and beauty services retailer, Hairhouse Warehouse, is the custodian of a grand plan for the brand’s future, and it involves the use of seamlessly integrated back-end and front-end systems to enable an entirely new customer experience and seamless business intelligence.

According to O’Connell, a customer should never feel unknown  when they visit a store. Not only will Hairhouse Warehouse team members be able to recommend products and services based on the customer’s previous browsing and purchasing behaviours, they will also be able to instantly recognise customers and individualise the customer experience.

“Hairhouse Warehouse already offers a superior product range, combined with an outstanding service offering across our range of professional salon and beauty services,” O’Connell says. “But we believe we can take our product and services offering and customer interaction to a whole new level by obtaining that 360 degree view of our customers across multiple sales channels and ensuring that our offering is always tailored to meet their specific needs.”

Having first opened its doors in 1992, Hairhouse Warehouse has expanded to include over 130 physical outlets (many of them franchisee-operated), as well as a healthy online channel. Founders Joseph and Tony Lattouf couldn’t have possibly expected the level of complexity that such a business would reach since conception, and if the business is to continue scaling for future growth and expansion, the issue of upgrading systems becomes a necessity.

The solution for Hairhouse Warehouse is to upgrade the systems and processes that enable each of these elements of its service offering, creating one holistic, omnichannel solution that connects all the dots. In doing so, the retailer has already set about replacing systems such as MYOB Premiere, its incumbent POS software and manual spreadsheets with NetSuite‘s ERP solution – an all-in-one, cloud-based commerce platform.

But that’s only the start of it. Now that Hairhouse Warehouse has replaced its financial systems with a more automated and flexible solution, it plans to move on to other elements of its back-end and even the front-end systems. Promoting the kind of transparency that National ICT Manager, Tim Lai described in an article published last year.

“Right now our biggest problem is that we lack any visibility and integration across our business – NetSuite can give us the tools we need to run our business as we want, to better analyse our data and expand our brand awareness,” Lai said. “All departments, franchisees and team members can benefit from NetSuite’s ease of use. We are not technology experts, so we need a system like NetSuite that doesn’t require extensive training.”

In doing so, the vision of the Hairhouse Warehouse team is fast becoming a reality. As the entire system becomes fully integrated, and other peripheral elements – such as salon scheduling software, inventory management, demand planning capability, digital marketing platforms and loyalty programs – go live, the retailer’s customers will experience an unparalleled product and service offering and world class customer service across the business’s multiple sales channels.

At the back-end, Hairhouse Warehouse’s franchisees and its management team will have real-time, cloud-based access to a level of information and business intelligence that will guide the business’s strategy for many years to come.

Do you want to learn more about how Hairhouse Warehouse is making its future retail vision a reality? Join us on Thursday, July 3 to hear from Michael O’Connell, CFO of Hairhouse Warehouse and Rob Hooton, eCommerce Vertical Marketing Expert APAC, NetSuite.

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