Ikea Delivery Fail! Goods Dumped on Footpath

Aimee Parr and her partner moved to Lismore, Sydney recently and were planning to go to their local Lismore Ikea depot to pick up their newly purchased furniture for their new home, which was 3.5km away.

Upon arriving at the Ikea pickup centre, Parr worked out that she would need to make two trips to get the goods home, however the staff there refused to allow this, advising they were unable to separate the goods as her name didn’t appear on all the boxes, saying they “might loose track” of them.

The solution provided by Ikea was to get the goods home delivered for a cost of $50. A few hours later the delivery showed up, only it wasn’t what Parr was expecting. Instead of being delivered to the raised home where she lived, the flatpack boxes were dumped on the footpath in front of her property.

“I did not think to ask and they didn’t bother to tell me, that their idea of “delivery” was to drop off everything on the footpath outside my house and leave,” Parr wrote in a public Facebook page.

“My guess is they saw it was a raised home and didn’t want to go any further… Furthermore, they didn’t even take away the heavy wooden pallets it was all sitting on.”

Parr told The Northern Star she has received deliveries from other retailers including Appliances Online, Amart and Fantastic Furniture, all of whom delivered the goods into her home and assisted with unpacking them.

Parr purchased a fridge and washing machine from Appliances Online, saying that not only was delivery free, it also included the removal of her old appliances.

“Fantastic Furniture delivered a mattress and five-piece dining set, brought it upstairs and inside in the room I wanted for $65,” Parr told The Northern Star.

She also purchased a sofa from Amart, which cost $80 to deliver all the way form Ballina and included putting the couch together for her.

Parr says that aside from moving the expensive, heavy, goods on the footpath into her home, her other concern was that it was open being stolen or damaged by whether.

Ikea responded to The Northern Star about the issue, saying it “will continue to work closely with the locally owned and operated service providers to ensure our customers have a good shopping experience,” however it offered no apology to the disappointed customer.

Parr says in the end she was forced to pick up her partner from work during his lunch break, to help carry the goods inside.

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One thought on “Ikea Delivery Fail! Goods Dumped on Footpath

    • B Logcal.
    • 31st January

    Oh boo hoo. If you purchase delivery and do not check that it includes delivery beyond the front door then that’s your fault. What a whinger. Cannot believe this story made it into your newsletter!


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