Webinar: Implementing Omnichannel Systems to Reduce New Retail Risks and Costs

Access a recording of Power Retail’s latest webinar on implementing omnichannel systems, presented by NetSuite and featuring CELL Bikes.

How did CELL Bikes gain 60 percent business growth following a brief e-commerce and back-end systems upgrade? How can your business find similar benefits? For any retailer trying to attract customers in both online and offline channels, finding the right omnichannel solution is paramount to the project’s success.

On February 28, we took a close look at this issue, with Michael Simms, COO of CELL Bikes, providing his company’s perspective on its software enhancements. Meanwhile Rob Hooton, VME APAC for NetSuite, assisted with drawing out added detail to show how any multichannel retailer can make the step towards true omnichannel operations.

ERP? CRM? Security? All these features and the risks involved were discussed in a one hour long audiovisual presentation. Whether you’re considering your omnichannel requirements or simply preparing your offering for the possibility, this webinar provides all the details a decision maker needs to understand the basics of these technologies and their practical application for retail businesses.

Regardless of your business model, omnichannel systems will aid your business in increasing conversions and efficiencies, while also helping reduce common retail risks.

If you missed Power Retail’s webinar, presented by NetSuite and featuring CELL Bikes, fill out the form below to gain access to our recording.


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