Magento Partners with Temando to Launch Magento Shipping

Magento Commerce, global cloud digital commerce solution providers, have announced its partnership with multi-carrier shipping software Temando to power its shipping needs, launching Magento Shipping.

Magento Shipping is powered by Temando, a Neopost company and Magento premier technology partner specialising in multi-carrier shipping software. The partnership provides a highly scalable platform to address the full spectrum of merchant needs.

Magento’s new intelligent, multicarrier solution with Temando automates shipping and fulfilment for brands across industries globally. The new offering provides merchants with out-of-the-box access to leading regional and international carriers to automate fulfilment, drive cart conversion, uncover new revenue and expand addressable markets. With more than $101 billion in commerce generated annually on the Magento platform, Magento Shipping opens a huge opportunity for carriers and merchants alike to create new customer experiences on a global scale.

With more than $101 billion in commerce generated annually on the Magento platform, Magento Shipping opens a huge opportunity for carriers and merchants alike to create new customer experiences on a global scale.

More than 86 percent of cart abandonment is related to shipping costs and convenience, according to eMarketer. Magento Shipping is an end-to-end solution that provides greater control over shipping and fulfilment, effectively reducing cart abandonment and unlocking business efficiencies to accelerate growth. Seamless integration with

Seamless integration with Magento Digital Commerce and Magento Commerce Order Management simplifies commerce operations and streamlines customer experiences. With this new offering, merchants deliver superior cart-to-door shipping experiences that drive order conversion and customer loyalty.

“With Magento Shipping’s native carrier connections, we’re able to streamline shipping operations and reduce our shipping cost structure,” said Scott Harris, marketing manager of brewing products, Coopers Brewery. “Built-in intelligence and conversion-enhancing features allow us to provide our customers with the best possible experience in the shopping cart.”

“The Magento platform currently generates $101 billion in commerce, imagine how high it’ll grow if collectively we successfully tackled the number one culprit of shopping cart abandonment: shipping? Magento Shipping, powered by Temando, is a way for carriers to offer their new and existing services to a wide merchant audience minus the complex integrations of the past – that’s a win-win situation in my eyes,” said Carl Hartmann, co-founder and CEO of Temando.

Magento Shipping enables merchants to:

  • Easily connect with global carriers: Gain instant access to leading regional and international carrier networks with seamless carrier registration and activation.
  • Drive customer loyalty and uncover new revenue: Dynamically display convenient, competitively priced shipping options and keep delivery promises to customers.
  • Automate fulfilment: Seamlessly pack and dispatch parcels from any location with any carrier, using granular, easily configurable automation rules.
  • Reduce costs: Optimise carrier selection and ensure accurate billing with advanced packing intelligence.
  • Accelerate time to market: Deliver speed, scalability, reliability, and connectivity to third-party shipping providers with API-based infrastructure.

“Providing cost-effective shipping is one of the largest pain points for merchants of all sizes,” said Mark Lenhard, SVP of strategy, Magento. “In addition to gaining easy access to global carriers, merchants will streamline shipping processes and capture greater visibility into the customer journey from cart to front door.”

“We’re pleased to see our relationship with Magento evolve, and excited to collaborate with a market leader on bringing Magento Shipping to market. When we joined the ranks as Magento’s premier technology partner last year, we knew that our shared vision to give merchants and their customers the best experience will result in a game-changer, and we’re thankful to be given this opportunity,” said Temando’s Hartmann.

Magento Shipping will be available this summer with Magento Commerce Cloud and Magento Commerce Order Management. For more information, please visit:

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