Are Online Shoppers More Loyal?

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 28 Oct 2011

You may expect that the ability to price compare and shop around on the web would make consumers more fickle. But a recent study by Unilever reveals just the opposite.

According to a report commissioned by Unilever, brand loyalty is 15% higher amongst online shoppers compared to physical stores.

Speaking at the IGD Online Grocery Retailing Conference in London, Unilever e-commerce director Andy Houghton said “brands act as a point of recognition. It’s not just about price. In straitened times, shoppers are looking for value. This is not necessarily about promotions but about products that meet their needs on the first time at a fair price.”

Houghton also claimed that online shoppers are starting to spend more: “We think they spend almost a couple of quid more on the equivalent shopping trip online versus in store.” He emphasised that this extra spend is not because goods are more expensive online, but because customers are buying more products per shop.

Given the proliferation of price comparison websites and consumers’ ability to shop the web for the best deal in a few clicks, Houghton’s comments are surprising.

However, the study does highlight the ways in which brands can benefit from the e-commerce boom. A plethora of opportunities exist for brands to cross-promote, cross-market and take advantage of site search and multichannel initiatives.


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  1. Michael says:

    I prefer to shop online, and I am fairly loyal to lowerSpendings, as their tag line reads: lowering your cost of living.

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