The Warehouse Nails its Response to a Facebook Complaint

A woman’s post on social media has gone viral, after she posted her disappointment over not receiving the dryer she was promised from her local The Warehouse, store.

“Dear The Warehouse,” she wrote. “I need you to know that you hurt me. You’ve hurt me deeply. I thought I couldn’t be hurt this way, but it turns out I can.”

According to Emily Writes, she went into The Warehouse to buy a dryer that was on sale for $299, and was promised the item, at which point she arranged for delivery. Later, she was informed that the item was no longer available and would not be delivered.

Feeling deflated, Writes posted a long, highly amusing story of why she desperately needed the dryer she had been promised on her Facebook page.

“Let me start at the beginning. I was born on 11 June 1985. I was a six pound nine baby, the same weight as my first-born. I was a happy baby. But even then I yearned. I yearned for something more from my life. The Warehouse, I yearned for a dryer.”

In her post, Writes details her lifelong struggle with raising a family and caring for her incontinent dog without a dryer.

“I would come to The Warehouse, and I would look at your beautiful dryers. So sleek, so good at drying things. But I did not have the money, my dear Warehouse. I was not rich enough to own the most highest status items – the dryer.”

She claims her desire for a dryer was stronger than her need to see a movie starring Jason Momoa and Mark Ruffalo, even greater than her desire to continuously see Alexander Skarsgard without his top on.

When she finally decided to buy the dryer she had always longed for, she said she was so happy she almost cried.

“ I was happier than my wedding day and the birth of my children.” Then she was told she couldn’t have the dryer. “I am Ryan Gosling and the dryer is Rachel McAdams in The Notebook,” she proclaimed.

In response to Writes’ post, The Warehouse did something amazing. After accumulating more than 2,000 likes, hundreds of comments and more than 800 shares, The Warehouse responded to her post, taking effective social media management to the next level.

The Warehouse's Facebook team
The Warehouse responds to a customer complaint in a brilliant fashion.

“Dear Emily, your story is the greatest story of all time,” the company wrote. “You see, when we got started in 1982, the first three years of our life were like practice. We were getting ready for your eventual birth. Somehow, deep down in the reddest and warmest part of our collective heart, we were waiting for you to come to us for a dryer. Even Sir Stephen Tindall probably definitely maybe possibly knew, deep down, that it was in your destiny to find the dryer of your dreams here with us at The Warehouse.”

In the same brilliant fashion as Writes’ original post, The Warehouse showed its disappointed customer that she wasn’t just a number; she was a person with real problems that the business could help her solve. As such, The Warehouse promised her the dryer she has always wanted, minus the credit card bill that she had been dreading.

“This monumental mess-up is our burden to bear like a nicely-pressed shirt that lets in a lot of light and is very thin but is somehow too heavy for Alexander Skarsgard’s body. We need to do the right thing and take that shirt off.

“So here’s the plan: Please send us a direct message, because we’ll need to talk over some details with you. One detail that we’ll be really happy to tell you upfront is that your dryer won’t cost you a cent. Not a single cent. We’re giving you a fine Ruffalo… sorry, we mean a full refund.”

The Warehouse’s comment has already amassed 4,400 likes, and according to Writes, she now loves The Warehouse more than Kmart.

“I am actually dying, Kmart would never be this great. I do love you, The Warehouse, I really do.”

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