Webinar: Must-have Items for Online Retailers This Christmas

eCorner’s John Debrincat has presented an excellent and informative webinar designed to enable retailers to make the most of Christmas sales – and it isn’t too late for some final tweaks and tactics.

The holiday sales period is nearly upon us – but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to optimise your online offering to maximise the opportunity now.

Christmas sales are a vital element of any retailer’s yearly transaction volumes. In fact, some retailers might see as much as 80 percent of their yearly sales revenue generated in this small window of time. With a few added marketing and promotional techniques, your business could seek to significantly increase last year’s yield.

Power Retail‘s webinar, presented by John Debrincat, CEO of eCorner, delves into the tactics and practices that will ensure you make the most of the silly season. The webinar may be over already, but you have access to the recorded event right here.

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