Aussie Shoppers Can Tap Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales Online

In previous years, Australians have had to miss out on big bargains available to US customers in Black Friday online sales. This year, things have changed.

The concept of buying online has been strongly adopted by Australian shoppers, becoming a normal part of everyday life for many of us. However, large sections of the online market have remained unavailable due to many overseas retailers not shipping to our shores.

This has meant that Australian retailers and their customers have remained largely ignorant of the titan US shopping bonanza, Black Friday. Recently however, online activity has the jungle drums beating, according to Laura Yeomans, Country Manager for ShopStyle Australia.

“Last year Australians couldn’t order from many of the large US department stores, such as Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s as they simply didn’t have international shipping set up,” she says. “This year it was different.”

A report by Forrester published in 2010 indicated that many US retailers see the next major frontier for their online sales as beyond US borders – this prophecy is bearing true, as increasing numbers of American retailers actively target promotions at the Australian market.

Bloomingdale's: Now Shipping To Australia

Bloomingdale's: Now Shipping To Australia

“The Black Friday sales were bound to be successful at a time where people still want to celebrate Christmas, but are being more savvy with how and where they buy their presents. Online shopping makes Christmas shopping so much easier and well-recognised brands take out any risk factor for the quality of the product,” says Yeomans.

Since online shopping has caught on, Australians have been mining UK stores more prevalently than their US counterparts, but this changed during the recent Black Friday sales, according to Yeomans. And there’s more to come, with ‘Cyber Monday’ sales beginning today.

“We’re expecting an even greater sale day from 4pm (AEDT) onwards as the US gears up for Cyber Monday, with even bigger deals and greater online spending forecast,” Yeomans says.

With the addition of international shipping drawing Australians to the big US brands, local retailers are striving to compete during these online bargain sales – some have already begun offering local Black Friday promotions.

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