Pop-up Books in for Christmas: Bookworld Launches Innovative Campaign

Bookworld intends to encourage Australian online shoppers to buy local this Christmas, unveiling a number of pop-up features this weekend.

This weekend, leading Australian bookstore Bookworld intends to unveil its latest marketing campaign with a number of pop-up bookshelves appearing in major capital cities.

Just in time for Christmas, Bookworld intends to convert a number of bus shelters around Sydney and Melbourne into shelves filled with books, where local commuters can browse the latest titles. The shelves will include giveaways with the hope of encouraging Australian consumers to purchase local these holidays.

James Webber, CEO of Bookworld believes that his company’s offering is more than competitive enough to see off any international threat, but that this marketing campaign should help remind people there is an alternative to Amazon.

Bookworld pop-up

An example mock up of how the pop-up bookshelves.

“By offering free and fast shipping on every order, plus an Amazon Price Guarantee where we promise to beat them by 10 percent, it’s hard to see why people would shop overseas,” Webber said. “We’re hoping this campaign will get this message out to all Australian readers – we’re here, we’re local, we have over 13 million books and we offer great service and prices. In fact we’ll even come to you on your morning commute.”

Bookworld also intends to transform numerous pieces of street furniture into ‘concept bookshelves’, decorated in a festive theme. The effort marks the the launch of Bookworld’s major advertising campaign, which includes outdoor, magazine, print and digital media.

The campaign, created by VCCP, encourages Australians to shop locally this Christmas by outlining the benefits of Bookworld, including the Amazon Price Guarantee, free and fast delivery and huge range. The creative elements include a series of headlines that include Mates Rates, For We Are Young and Free Delivery, and Our Great Dividing Range. The tagline ‘The Great Australian Story’ underpins the campaign.

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