Boost Juice Creates Experiential Retail

Retail Zoo’s Boost Juice recently launched its first ever Messenger ChatBot that rewards customers whilst also breaking the rules of engagement. This initiative is a great example of experiential retail, which is driving Australian consumer behaviour.

ChatBots are the way of the future for brands, which has proven its worth in gold for Boost Juice. The Australian smoothie and juice bar launched a new online campaign this month called ‘The Matcha Bot’, which can be reached via Boost’s Facebook page and engaged via Messenger, to promote its new smoothie flavour.

retail zoo boost juice the matcha bot chatbots experiential spending

Through its latest initiative, Boost has achieved 99% of consumers coming back on the second day since the launch of ‘The Matcha Bot’, with 82% coming back on day five.

“We wanted to create a bot that was different to what we’ve seen from others brands. Not only did we set out to ensure it had the “Boost” personality, but also it needed to reward our customers, and the results are speaking for themselves,” says Boost Juice’s chief technology innovation officer, Christian McGilloway.

“So far we are pleased with the results. Our dating bot has seen  99.5 K users after 2.5 weeks, which is ultimately driving consumers in–store in a big way. Yesterday 7.5% of all transactions had a Matcha Bot voucher attached.”

The Bot, which celebrates ingredients from the new Tropical Matcha Smoothie, sees users being matched to their perfect fruit or veg, where they need to ‘woo’ the fruit personas to score themselves a Boost voucher and ultimately a trip to Japan where they marry their perfectly matched fruit. Through the Messenger platform, Boost’s chatbot engages customers in conversation before trying to persuade them to play a dating game.

retail zoo boost juice the matcha bot chatbots experiential spending

This is a great example of “experiential retail” in response to changing consumer behaviour which reflects that Australians are increasingly spending more money on experiences and less of ‘things.’ It’s those retailers who to step outside the box and innovate, and think of ways to create ‘retail experiences’ and ‘retail adventures’ for the customer, and add a bit of fun and delight to the purchase experience that will be more successful.

retail zoo boost juice the matcha bot chatbots experiential spending

Some love-struck Boost Juice fans took to Facebook tagging their actual partners asking for a hall pass after the guilt set in for flirting with a piece of fruit.
 McGilloway explains that the Bot was not about educating customers or selling them a product. “It’s all about having fun for us.”

“Brands get caught up in trying to sell to customers, when really, we just aim to create engaging experiences. This links back into our brand ethos, which was built on giving our customers a reason to smile and therefore keeping Boost Juice top of mind.”

Innovation is not new to the brand who just last year saw 400,000 downloads and an average play time of 178 minutes per user over 8 weeks for their innovative gamification app called ‘Free the Fruit’.

“The retail space is competitive and as a brand we need to be challenging ourselves to find new ways to engage with customers that fit into their day-to-day lives,” says Boost Juice’s marketing director, Jodi Murray-Freedman.

Boost Juice’s Matcha Bot can be found on Boost’s Facebook page where consumers can engage until 28th May 2017.

About Boost Juice

Boost Juice is an Australia, owned and operated juice bar chain, run under the Retail Zoo Group, which also owns Salsa’s Fresh Mex and Cibo Espresso. 
Founded by adventurer and suburban mum Janine Allis in 2000, the brand has more than 270 locations in Australia and the world
. The company’s passion for providing healthy and fresh juice has translated into over $2 billion in global sales since its inception.

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