Catch Launches New Marketplace and Rebrand

Established Australian pureplay Catch of the Day has continued its growth, announcing today it has launched an online marketplace with some of Australia’s top brands, as well as rebranding to

Offering customers further variety and turning into a one-stop shopping destination, the Catch marketplace will see up to 300 sellers join the site, such as Speedo, North Face and ASUS, and offer customers over 2 million new products.

“We are launching it (Catch Marketplace) today and I’m certain that by the end of today, with all the media that we are going through, we will have hundreds of sellers interested in joining the marketplace,” says Catch Group’s founder, Gabby Leibovich.

“We think by Christmas we’ll have something like two or three hundred invitees joining us, which will beef us up to a million or two million SKUs.”

With more than 10,000 orders shipped a day, the marketplace will allow Catch to significantly expand its current offering in popular categories such as technology, beauty, fashion and wine, as well as enter new categories such as books, lighting, homewares, furniture and outdoor equipment.

The launch of the marketplace supports the Catch Group’s revitalised growth strategy to deepen the Group’s product range, specifically major brands on offer, and pursue international growth opportunities.

“This is our most exciting startup to date and it has been one that we have been working on for quite some time. The marketplace will allow us to beef up our already massive offering with more unbelievably great deals, in categories that we were previously not offering.’

“The relaunch of the brand and the launch of the marketplace is like hitting two birds with one stone. The exciting thing about the marketplace is that it will give us the opportunity of listing and offering a much wider variety of products. Even my wife doesn’t shop solely on Catch of the Day and neither do I,” explains Leibovich.

Leibovich says that Catch was actually looking to establish an online marketplace three years ago, under, a URL that it owns, however the market was very different three years ago. “Retailers were not ready for it,” says Leibovich. But a lot has changed since then, according to the founder, who says that retailers now need to be where the customers are, and if customers are on Catch of the Day or such marketplaces, then that’s where they need to be.

Catch of the Day has also used this opportunity to rebrand from Catch of the Day to now The rebrand is in line with how customers currently refer to the business and signifies the brand’s change over the years, from one deal a day to many thousands.

Back in 2006 Catch of the Day was founded by Gabby Leibovich and his brother Hezi Leibovich, who are very close to the Catch of the Day brand, so Gabby says that the changeover to may take a bit of getting used to.

If you look at the new branding it still keeps elements of its traditional logo, including its signature green and yellow colours. “The ticket symbol we are now using is similar to what Best Buys uses. The ticket is our DNA – is the pricing. We are product discounters.”

The company is also expanding its workforce as a result of the new initiative. “We are beefing up our existing buying team where not a single person will lose their job; it’s exactly the opposite. It’s about holding on to what we have right now and adding a lot more to it, in order to make the site a lot more exciting for customers to choose us as the number one place to come and start shopping.”

I spoke with Leibovich about what his thoughts about Amazon in Australia were and how Catch will negate against any adverse effects. “I’m really not losing much sleep at night. I’m actually quite excited because what will happen to the market, is the market will grow and all boats will rise. We are in a position to actually thrive under Amazon. I’m looking forward to seeing online shopping in Australia moving ahead from the 7% (of total retail share) it’s been stuck on for quite some time and being more than 15 and 22%.”

“Prinitha I’m quite happy being number two on the market – Amazon can take the crown,” Leibovich says candidly.

Having recently been involved in the sale of to Just Eat in England, and having also just acquired the assets to iconic children’s label Pumpkin Patch, are onto their next big project and continued growth.

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