Chemist Warehouse Tests Drone Delivery

Chemist Warehouse will partner with X’s Project Wing to test drone delivery technology to Australian households in ACT and Queanbeyan regions.  

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s my multi-vitamins I ordered from Chemist Warehouse twenty minutes ago.

Commencing this week, families selected for a three month trial within the semi-rural area of Royalla (an idyllic, semi-rural area that’s a 40-minute round trip in the car away from the nearest shop) will be able to purchase from over 100 products from Chemist Warehouse, using X’s Project Wing App – and have these items delivered to their doorstep by drone in only a few minutes.

Chemist Warehouse will be offering a range of hand-selected products that will be available for tester residents across various categories, including dental, hair care, cosmetics, vitamins, personal care, skincare and sunscreen, and limited non-scheduled medicines as well.

“Chemist Warehouse prides itself on being innovative and always at the forefront of global retail,” says Damien Gance, co-founder of Chemist Warehouse. “At Chemist Warehouse we believe that any and all innovative approaches where we can create a more convenient and stress-free shopping experience for our customers, should be explored.”

Gance says that partnering with X’s Project Wing potentially means delivering healthcare to Australian online consumers much faster.

Over three months, Project Wing will be able to gather valuable feedback from participating residents, who may one day benefit from drone delivery technology. “Royalla residents have expressed their excitement that drones could be useful for delivering meals, groceries, medicines, farm supplies, or even spare parts in the event of a car breakdown,” the multichannel healthcare retailer said in an email to Power Retail.

“Additional testing will assist in fine-tuning how the drones deliver goods to where they are most needed, and learning how to select safe and convenient delivery locations in people’s yards that avoid obstacles like trees, power lines, and lawnmowers.”

Project wing will also gather feedback from their delivery partners to ensure their systems are intuitive and easy-to-use for merchants who may one day want to deliver goods using the delivery drones, as a result of consumer demand or geographic influences.

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