Coles Trials 30-Minute Deliveroo Delivery

Coles has added another twist to its online order delivery service – it has now teamed up with bicycle delivery service Deliveroo, to offer 30-minute grocery home delivery on online orders.

Only last week Coles unveiled its trial with hi-tech taxi giant Uber to help beef up its online offering, running a home delivery trial to deliver missing or replacement items from online orders to customers in the Richmond area.

Now, the company is looking to further diversify its delivery experimentation, adding Deliveroo into the mix. Last month Coles extended its partnership working with the company which is most well known for delivering food from restaurants; its partnership with Deliveroo began in January.

The team up with Deliveroo now sees Coles offering a range of basic grocery items including bread, milk, cheese and fresh produce with a 30-minute delivery window to its online customers. The offering will also include “meal packs” that will include ingredients to make up a complete meal, such as risotto and pork noodle soup.

The supermarket chain has already begun promoting its 30-minute home delivery through Deliveroo’s network, consisting of contractor delivery staff that use scooters or bicycles.

Coles’ partnerships with Deliveroo and tech giant Uber, comes ahead of Amazon’s arrival in Australia, which Citi analysts predict is likely within the next 60 days.

The Citi analyst team, led by Bryan Raymond, released a note to its clients last Thursday saying that it’s likely Amazon will first focus on the gift category, given its light logistics capabilities at present, and then move onto electronics, departments stores, clothing and footwear.

While it’s unclear what Amazon’s grocery retail offering in Australia will be, it could include its Amazon Fresh business, which offers same day delivery service for online orders in the US.

Amazon has been quite vocal about wanting to become a dominating force in the supermarket space following its recent acquisition of US organic grocery chain Whole Foods Market, however, some analysts believe the company is a long way from conquering the retail market.

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