eBay Announces Membership Program to Rival Amazon Prime

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 29 May 2018

In yet another disruption to the retail landscape, eBay has announced it will be launching its membership program, eBay Plus, to Australia soon, getting ahead of the Amazon Prime excitement.

In another shake up to the retail sector, eBay has announced it will be launching its membership program, eBay Plus. The program launched in Germany in 2015, with Australia only the second market worldwide to have access to these membership perks.

The program will allow members to receive free delivery and free returns on Plus items, double FlyBuys points, exclusive offers and deals, premium offers and deals and premium customer service. It will cost members $49 per year, however there is also a free 30-day trial and offer of $29 for the first year.

Customers will also be able to filter searches eBay by Plus, which is a huge opportunity for retailers wanting to increase visibility on the marketplace.

Plus is set to rival Amazon’s membership program Prime, which is rumoured to be launching around June / July 2018. eBay has not yet announced the date of the Plus launch, but it is also believed to be launching mid-year.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has revealed that Prime has over 100 million members worldwide. The Amazon membership draws people in because of its free and fast shipping and other customer benefits (including one-, two- and sometimes same-day shipping and Prime Day annual sale). In the US, membership has just increased by 20 percent to USD $119. The details of Amazon’s Prime launch in Australia have not yet been announced, so the cost and exact offerings remain unknown. Presumably eBay’s announcement of Plus is an opportunity to get ahead of the Prime anticipation and speculation and shift the focus. It’s a smart move given the current marketplace landscape.

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