eBay and Google Partner for Next Gen Retail

From today, Australians will be able to use Google Assistant to access eBay.com.au’s sixty million listings, by saying ‘Ask eBay’ or ‘Talk to eBay’ in order to search for the perfect gift.

eBay and Google have announced the launch of a new personalised shopping experience in Australia which aims to enhance the Christmas shopping experience for online shoppers on its marketplace.

Available today, Australian consumers will be able to use Google Assistant to access eBay’s 60 million plus products via voice command in order to search for the perfect gift.

Listings ranging from tech to home categories offered by eBay.com.au are now available for voice searches on Google Home devices as well as compatible Android and iOS smart phones. Additionally, a new ‘What’s it Worth’ function has been added, allowing Aussie online shoppers to ask what something is worth on eBay, potentially turning everyday items around the house into cash for the gift-giving season.

“eBay has a long history of being the first to market with new innovations here in Australia, and our latest collaboration with Google is no exception,” says Tim MacKinnon, managing director of eBay Australia and New Zealand. “eBay built this technology from the ground up and it’s the perfect example of how artificial intelligence is helping to make a truly personalised shopping experience. As of today, we are bringing the best of eBay to customers’ homes with Google Assistant, making shopping as simple as a conversation.”

“Working with Google is the next innovative step for us, as partnerships have always been a large part of the eBay business,” explains MacKinnon.

How “Ask eBay” on Google Assistant Works?

eBay’s collaboration with Google is among one of the first brands to take advantage of the multi-surface switching capability, which allows online consumers to carry a voice conversation with Google Assistant over to your phone, seamlessly. This means when a consumer tells Google that they want to purchase an item on eBay, they can easily switch to their compatible Android and iOS smartphone and purchase the item there. 

EBAY AND GOOGLE PARTNER TO LAUNCH NEXT GENERATION OF RETAIL IN AUSTRALIA google home ask ebay Artificial intelligence personalises the Australian Christmas shopping experience with the Google Assistant

The ability to switch from a voice platform like Google Home Mini to your phone offers shoppers a unique personal shopping experience that they can start in their kitchen, living room or car and continue on their phone—wherever they are.

“We are the only marketplace in Australia that has this multi-surface switching capability, supported by the years of structured data we have accumulated around the Australian shopping experience. As we look to the future of shopping, powerful voice interfaces like Google Assistant will drive seamless and personal shopping experiences for consumers among all platforms.”

 McKinnon says that what we are looking at here is “the future of retail.”  “We are excited to be in the early stages of this new commerce frontier, bringing the eBay shopping and selling experience closer to our customer’s everyday lives. Integrating voice capability to the shopping experience makes it even easier for Australians to check eBay for the best deal.” 

Google Assistant is available on Google Home Mini and Home devices, as well as via Google Assistant apps on Android and iOS smartphones. Online shoppers can talk to eBay on devices with Google Assistant, including Google Home Mini, in Australia, just by saying “Hey Google, ask eBay.” or “Hey Google, let me talk to eBay.”

Marking its 18th year in Australia this year, eBay has transformed itself from an auction house to a retail technology powerhouse that now boasts more than 40,000 Australian businesses and over 11 million unique Aussie visitors every month. So far in 2017, more than 239 million hours have been spent browsing, searching comparing and purchasing products on eBay.

“Already we have 80 of the 100 largest Australian retailers on the platform with everyone from Myer to Woolworths, and this new partnership expands our technological capabilities to provide even greater access for consumers,” says McKinnon.

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