2012 E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook Arrives Plus USA Study Tour

By Power Retail | 29 Feb 2012

The Playbook is finally in the building, so get your orders in to secure your copy before they sell out. Plus, we are taking reservations for the 2012 Internet Retailer Study Tour to Chicago in June (with optional New York side trip).

It’s exciting times at the Power Retail office – our baby has arrived, but won’t be sticking around for long. The 2012 E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook is already a hot seller, so if you want one for only $35 including shipping in Australia, you need to place your order here. It’s 244 full colour pages featuring 30 retailer profiles, 100+ pages of insightful advice, case studies, blueprints, research, templates for success and more.

Plus, we’ve officially launched our 2012 USA Study Tour to Internet Retailer in Chicago in June, with a side trip to New York as optional. Reservations are being taken, and we have flexibility on packages so to find out more click here.

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