American Fashion Label Begins Australian Invasion

By Campbell Phillips | 23 Mar 2012

In yet another example of a US retailer looking to reach a wider audience, fashion label J.Crew will now ship products to our shores and over 100 other countries.

Begun as a mail order clothing company in 1983, J.Crew have always been successful within their home territory with their colourful, preppy styles. More recently the label has gained true notoriety after the First Lady, Michelle Obama admitted to being a fan. J.Crew saw a spike in popularity because of the endorsement and have since begun selling to UK audiences.

Now it’s Australia’s turn.

In an exclusive partnership with fashion portal, J.Crew will be advertising free shipping and free returns for two months beginning today. For those that appreciate the brand’s style, the ease of delivery is sure to be tough to pass up.

Laura Yeomans, Country Manager for ShopStyle Australia explains the benefit J.Crew will bring for Australians.

“Before now, Australians would have to pay huge amounts for simple autumn/winter staples, let alone the more luxurious items like a cashmere jumper. J.Crew offers customers the chance to buy one of these for around $300 – that price is virtually unheard of here!”

ShopStyle will essentially provide the platform for J.Crew to reach its potential customers, leveraging off the already significantly large audience that the fashion website has developed in Australia. This arrangement is much easier for J.Crew than building a following from scratch, as many aussies would not be familiar with the label.

J.Crew introduces international shipping

By partnering with ShopStyle, J.Crew is bringing its preppy style to Australian audiences.

“By combining ShopStyle with our partner sites, FabSugar and the Daily Life, we are Australia’s largest mid- to high-end fashion network,” Yeomans says. “We will add value by not only showcasing the great range the store has to offer, but also any other quality etailer out there that stocks the brand, such as Net-A-Porter or The Outnet.”

However, that isn’t to say that there aren’t some Australians who have been desperate to get their hands on J.Crew apparel for a long time. In fact, according to a Media Representative at J.Crew, Australia has always exhibited a high amount of “natural demand”.

“There is a natural demand from Australia that we want to meet,” the representative says. “Australia ranks sixth in terms of international traffic to J.Crew and 30 percent of customer inquiries we receive are regarding international shipping.”

With today’s international shipping expansion, J.Crew is moving from a footprint of 29 countries to 107 countries, representing a potentially huge increase in its existing customer base. Such expansions are becoming easier for companies with a strong online focus, as they tend to already have most of the required infrastructure to go international. J.Crew is certainly not the only American label that is partnering with ShopStyle, with other big labels tipped to arrive in the coming months.

“ will be the first publisher to bring such iconic brands and put them front-and-centre before Australian audiences,” Yeomans says. “Unfortunately, I am not able to say who the others are at the moment, but it will be big news for international fashion.”