General Pants Co. Kicking Goals in the US

General Pants Co. will open its second US store in New York city this March, after securing a prime location in the heart of Soho. This follows the company’s growing brand presence in the US and its strong online sales growth.

From the very beginning Australian multichannel fashion retailer General Pants Co. has had the vision to open a store on the east coast and the west coast of the US.

The international boutique concept, The Local by General Pants Co. is the second stateside location next to its west coast counterpart that opened on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles last year. Located at 29 Howard Street in New York’s Soho district, General Pants Co. new store will open its doors on Friday, March 17, 2017, showcasing unique interior décor in the 1,944 square foot space.

General Pants upcoming New York store is off the back of the success of its LA store, according to Paula Mitchell, general manager of e-commerce at General Pants Co. “The company had the right framework setup in LA right from the start, which has helped General Pants immensely with its NYC store opening.”

Mitchell says the company will turn its focus more to its already growing online offering in the US. “We’re seeing growth month on month from our online shipment into the US, which was what we were hoping for. The US has been supportive in getting us off the ground and now we are in a position where we would like to optimise our online channel a little bit more and we’ll start to invest in some acquisition activities. To extend the brand awareness of The Local – having that second store is going to help us do that.”


General Pants partnered with Border Free last year, as its first Australian client, to help provide a better customer experience to its online customers in the US, from a tax duty and online shopping perspective.

“We are pleased our e-commerce growth continues to exceed industry trend lines and works seamlessly with our established bricks and mortar business,” says General Pants Co. chief executive Craig King.

The apparel retailer recently introduced the Metalicus brand, amongst others, to its portfolio of growing designers it stocks, so it’s been busy reoptimising its Hybris platform to not only be multi-brand, but also multi-site.

The company will also focus more on its customer relationship management (CRM) and personalisation in 2017. “The major project for us as an e-commerce channel over the next 12 months are around CRM, not necessarily customer loyalty, but customer retention and we’re looking to develop a fully dynamic and personalised content program for our growing customer base,” says Mitchell.

“The other big piece for us is around our repropostion – General Pants is a one stop offer now, which includes the types of shipping methods that we provide to our customers. So we’re looking from a customer experience point of view to widen that choice and allow the customer more flexibility around how they’d like to receive our products, and that’s what powers into the launch of our click-and-collect program this year sometime.”

All Star Bash “Fast Movers” Award

General Pants Co. are certainly kicking goals in in the online space, and growing fast with strong results, and that’s precisely why the company took out Power Retail’s “Fast Movers” 2017 All Star Bash award last week, as published in The 2017 E-Commerce Leaders Playbook.

So, what are General Pants Co. doing right from an online perspective

Mitchell says the award is testament to doing a good job talking to its prime millennial audience and giving them that mobile acceptability platform they haven’t historically had. “We deployed a mobile responsive website that has seen us have a 100 percent uplift in our conversion rate year-on-year since implementing that, and I think that’s just within the acceptability from being able to purchase with from a phone that may have not have been as smooth previously.”

Mitchell also gives credit to the great team that that work in General Pants. “Winning Power Retail’s Fast Movers award at the All Star Bash came as a complete shock – I was not prepared at all – The biggest reward for me was being able to take it back to them team. They work so hard and they are so passionate about what they do. There are so many amazing retailers and talents in this industry that we’re competing against so we are a small fish in a big pond. It was super humbling but we’re super proud!”

About General Pants Co

General Pants Co. translates emerging culture into fashion for young blooded individuals and its alignment with music, art, skate and other urban subcultures is reflective of their unique offering and point of difference.


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  1. Phil Leahy says:

    Great to see Craig and his team taking on the US market. This is a fabulous example to all Australian retailers. Go get them before they get you. Go Australia!

    1. Agreed Phil Leahy. Go Australia and Go General Pants!

  2. Jennifer Albuquerque says:

    Amazing to see such a great Australian brand having success at the American market. Excited to see the next accomplishments for General Pants!

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