Google Warns of Major Penguin Update For 2013

By Grant Arnott | 13 Mar 2013

Google’s Head of Web Spam, Matt Cutts, warns of a major Penguin update this year, a Panda update this week, and the continued policing of link networks.

Speaking on a panel at SMX West in the US this week, Matt Cutts, Head of Web Spam for search engine giant Google, has warned of a major Penguin algorithm update that he believes will be one of the most talked about Google updates of the year. That’s an ominous warning for the SEO industry – since 2011, Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have sent marketers and SEOs scrambling to reengineer strategies to address major changes in the way the search engine ranks sites.

More and more sites are being penalised for reliance on high volumes of low quality links – Cutts reiterated during the SMX West panel ‘Search Engine Police’ that the top priorities for SEO are content and user experience. Link networks are being targeted heavily by Google, and retailers who rely on these for link-building may be in for a shock. If Google succeeds in its goal, we will witness a systematic dismantling of suspect link-building strategies, and an ever-growing demand for quality content and quality links. It’s a change that has been occurring for some time now, and one all online retailers need to prepare for, as cheap, automated SEO is well and truly in the sights of the search police. Download our latest report on content for more insights.

In addition to the ‘significant’ Penguin update coming, Cutts said there is a new Panda update also being released within the next week.


6 thoughts on “Google Warns of Major Penguin Update For 2013”

  1. Lynn Eggett says:

    I am posting this anywhere I can, everywhere that I think people will listen.
    Microsoft NEEDS to join in broadcasting this situation. GOOGLE needs tto FINALLY be cut down to size!
    Here is my post:

    Starting a discussion like the one I am about to start is not what I usually do, but I feel a desperate NEED to air feelings on this.
    GOOGLE is a Company that does the internet public ABSOLUTERLY NO SERVICE, and people who habitually use Google need to switch to BING.

    Google has, for two years now, run amuck, destroying sound, viable businesses with their “Live-Time EXPERIMENTATION”!
    Less than three days from now, Google will see to it that a lot of the people and companies that you love to do business with who are honest, hard-working, and EXTREMELY RELEVENT industry business people who run EXTREMELY RELEVENT websites, will disappear. They will unleash the next Panda and Penguin algo rhythm changes that are designed to further solidify their control and self-appointed coronation as the GOD of the Internet.

    THESE Computer NERD PEOPLE, who, by their own declaration are seeking the “Perfect Browsing Experience” have NEVER lived in the real world, and they have NO CLUE what a “Perfect Browsing Experience”, let alone what Real Life is, except what THEY, in their little dark Computer-infested Caves BELIEVE it to be. I know what I want in a “Browsing experience”, and what I find on Google is NOT IT. Bing returns considerably better search results, not to mention being more FAIR to EVERYBODY.

    The best analogy I can use to describe what is about to happen, and how we as website owners trying to do an honest, worthwhile service for everyone that we meet, is for you to imagine that you are an ant in the middle of a busy street, the street is “owned” by Google, and all the people on the busy street are Google employees who are Highly-paid to do nothing but SQUASH ANTS who are just honestly and faithfully going about doing that which they were created to do.

    What Google is about to do is going to deprive YOU, the internet user, from finding the BEST-Qualified suppliers, companies and services available, and replace the best with huge, well-run, well-funded companies who will be paying large sums of money that the smaller, BETTER firms cannot afford for large IT teams to keep them “found”, and Pay Google a handsome sum in the process.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, P L E A S E start using Bing and start boycotting Google! They have grown TOO BIG for OUR own good!

    1. Hi Lynn,

      I can’t believe you are further from the truth. Google is simply punishing those who cut corers. You (no offence) have no idea of the black hat world of internet marketing. If you have never heard of Xrummer, Scrapbox or ARM, you don’t fully understand what Google’s Penguin is counteracting.

      I have worked in online marketing for over 4 years & have seen how effective spam is & how much money it can generate. If you are an “honest, hard-working, and EXTREMELY RELEVENT” you won’t see any decrease when these changes are implemented. The only thing you might see is an increase.

      The best question to ask yourself when writing content or adding a element to your website, is “will this be useful to a user?” I the answer is no, then do something else with your time. If it’s yes, add it & try to increase the benefit of the experience.

      SEO is no longer what’s on a website, it’s about the business model & the customer service, not simply online, but the entire process.

  2. Hi, this is Ashlee, i just ask one question about this panda updates, what kind of sites hit b/c of this algorithm updates in an upcoming week?

  3. I have recently read one article in which they told that 40 % English search queries may effect by this update. And they also said that it may also mainly hit e-commerce websites.

  4. Ahsan says:

    Most probably Google will hit E-Commerce and other business sites with links from content networks and directory networks, it is better to avoid being linked from them and should remove before panda is released !!!!

  5. We cannot predict the next Google updates, but we are aware of the principle that it is the great content that invite links, social shares and votes, so the key is to focus on building great content and outreach strategies to diversify the traffic source and by practice white hat methods the SEO traffic will comes automatically .

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