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April Davis By April Davis | 26 Jun 2018

It’s been three months since Catch Group launched its e-commerce operations in New Zealand. How is the businesses newest international branch fairing?

Catch Group says its New Zealand operation; is performing better than expected at the three-month mark, generating $200,000 in sales per week, with this figure continuing to rise.

The company originally branched into the international market by launching a Pumpkin Patch store on the country’s homegrown TradeMe marketplace, and after receiving positive results, decided to establish its own footprint in the region.

“We already have a good customer base through our online store on TradeMe and now, we look forward to offering New Zealand customers a richer shopping experience with a dedicated online store offering the amazing deals Catch is known for, coupled with fast shipping and a huge catalogue of products,” the CEO of the Catch Group, Nati Harpaz said on the site’s launch day.

According to Harpaz, the e-commerce company had high hopes for New Zealand, but results from the past few months have been a lot stronger than originally anticipated.

We are seeing some outstanding results already; within three months, New Zealand has become a higher revenue generator than we had accounted for, it really has exceeded our expectations,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Great deals that you just can’t say no to are part of our DNA and as more Kiwis learn that they can find everything they want and anything they need at incredibly low prices, we are going to see even greater growth. Our deals are unbeatable and we are delighted to bring them into New Zealand.”

The marketplace has seen its best results in urban areas, with the largest percentage of its local customers coming from Auckland (45 percent), Christchurch (13 percent), and Wellington (11 percent).

According to a statement released by Catch Group, the bulk of customers are women (69 percent), with 60 percent of its consumers falling into the 25-44 age group, and a third averaging as slightly younger, between 25-34.

So far, Catch Group says its most popular product on the New Zealand platform has been Finish Quantam dishwashing tablets and noise-cancelling headphones from Sony, as well as other discounted electronics, like Dyson vacuum cleaners, which come in at a close second.

Other popular items include skincare goods, grocery items, toys and makeup, which broadly represent the main product categories available on the platform. Catch Group also believes strong sales of ASICS, Nike, Sketchers and Adidas reflect New Zealanders’ love of the great outdoors.

When the site first launched back in March, the company’s initial product offerings were very similar to what was available on the Australian site, with approximately 40,000 products across popular categories like fashion, homewares and sporting goods.

The site is still growing, however, with the business reportedly investing in a “robust” marketing campaign to grow brand awareness and attract a larger customer base.

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