Lasoo Discovers Male Online Consumers Like Less Choice and Quick Results

By Jessica Benton | 30 Aug 2012

Men shopping online prefer to do less research and don’t view as many alternatives, according to new research.

Australian pre-shopping portal, Lasoo analysed the online behaviour of 11,320 people at leading Australian online retailers, including Myer, Big W and Target.

Lasoo found that men consider 34.8 percent fewer purchase alternatives compared to women. Yet, despite less scrupulous research, the study found that men were only 7 percent less likely to make a purchase than women following online browsing. This research followed an Australian study that revealed men were outspending women online.

Lasoo’s Executive General Manager, Dominic Finnegan said the analysis provided an enhanced understanding of gender shopping experiences.

“Men seem to know what they want, when they see it, while women definitely take a more considered approach. There are a lot of behaviours that are fairly consistent across genders but browsing doesn’t seem to be one of them,” he said.

“There could be a range of factors that drive this behaviour, or it could just be more focused shoppers.”

Finnegan said Lasoo was concentrating on marketing for specific target groups, including a recent Celebration of Man campaign in the lead up to Father’s Day. The campaign included extensive reference material for “information-hungary” female shoppers, he explained.

The analysis looked at 456,000 online shopping interactions with leading Australian retailers, finding men examined less information about potential purchases. Lasoo researched behaviours including destinations, purchase paths, duration and other online activity over a 4-week period.

In total, men considered 8 alternatives when searching for a product online. When looking at clothing or homewares, the number of shopping alternatives dropped below 5 percent. The highest category for men considering shopping alternatives was entertainment at 16.10 followed by furniture at 11.29. Household items such as groceries came in at the bottom with men considering only 3.04 shopping alternatives, while this category was the highest for women with 15.38 alternatives.

The below chart outlines each category and how many alternatives were considered by both men and women.

Lasoo’s gender behavioural analysis of online shoppers.

Lasoo will present the full research findings later in 2012.


3 thoughts on “Lasoo Discovers Male Online Consumers Like Less Choice and Quick Results”

  1. KS says:

    This probably means that men are less concerned with the amount to be spent on their purchase as they do less search to find the cheaper product (or the smaller price for the same one) and also that they are not so concerned with findind the right present (if buying one) and will be happy to buy just any and be done with.

  2. It certainly fits with my experience of male shopping habits, and also highlights the need for e-commerce sites to be as fast and seamless as possible in order to snag those types of shoppers.

  3. Elizabeth\ says:

    These finding seem consistent: men spend less time checking and more money online than women. They’re also more brand-loyal, too – see our blog article on the topic.

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