Australian Online Groceries Market Set for Growth

Australians have taken to online shopping in recent years in a big way, yet for some reason local online grocery offerings are yet to realise the same benefit as most other categories. A new study from Nielsen indicates that online grocery shopping could be set to take off Down Under.

The study, the Nielsen Global Survey of Grocery Shopping, found that 35 percent of Australians had bought groceries online in the previous month, compared to 52 percent in the UK. At the same time, 42 percent of Australians were shown to have researched groceries online.

Head of Nielsen’s Shopper Practice, Leigh Shaw believes we are approaching a “tipping point” and that online groceries will soon be on the rise.

“We live in a country that has some of the highest levels of internet penetration and there’s imminent growth with regards to national broadband,” Shaw said.

“Nielsen’s latest insights highlight that two in every three adult Australians use the internet every week to check specials on retailer sites, review grocery specials on daily deals sites or to gather coupon offers. So we’d expect the progression to greater online purchase in the near future.”

Alongside these findings, Shaw recommends that Australian online grocers consider ways in which to reach their consumers wherever they are, at any time. This means utilising the modern retail technologies to their utmost; harnessing the power of news and written content, as well as mobile-targeted intiatives.

“Nielsen has found that consumers use smart phones as their favoured form of news and entertainment while commuting, which opens up the pathway for smart retailer applications that allow convenient and tailored online shopping.”

The Nielsen Global Survey of Grocery Shopping was conducted in February 2012 and incorporates data from more than 28,000 consumers in 56 countries.

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