ShipIT Announces Australia Post E-Commerce Partnership

By Sam Gopal | 23 Jul 2015

ShipIt and Australia Post have struck up a new partnership to help online retailers expedite their shipping processes.

E-commerce software company ShipIT (formerly Starship IT) today announced it has partnered with Australia Post to offer customers an integrated order and shipping management system.

The partnership will enable online retailers to generate shipping labels directly from orders, reduce double entry during the order process, speeding up the shipping process and helping them improve their customer service. ShipIT simplifies and automates the process of delivering both online and offline orders, enabling online retailers to access their orders and delivery status from anywhere across the globe.

According to National Australia Bank’s latest online retail sales index, Australians spent $16.9 billion in the 12 months to April – a year-on-year increase of 9.6 percent. Australians have increased their online shopping by nearly 10 percent in a year, with growth in the sector continuing to outstrip traditional retail sales.

“Online shopping is growing at an exponential rate in Australia,” said George Plummer, CEO, ShipIT.

“This partnership with Australia Post will save online retailers precious time, having all the information they need on one screen, without having to log into multiple systems. They can easily track shipments to clients, improve their customer service and prevent undelivered packages or lost parcels.

“Shipping has traditionally been a manual process. This means that merchants have to cut and paste order data, handwrite courier labels and manually create customs forms and documents,” said Plummer.

“With ShipIT, this process is automated and significantly reduces the administrative work for companies, allowing them more time to focus on more productive tasks.

Ben Franzi, General Manager Global E-Commerce Platforms and Marketplaces at Australia Post, said the digital world is changing the competitive landscape at an unprecedented pace.

“As a result, we have been changing at Australia Post in response to help customers get online to shop, pay, deliver and transact securely in the digital world,” he said.

“Our new partnership with ShipIT offers our customers an easy, one-stop solution to integrate their eCommerce platforms, accounting, inventory management and POS systems with our services.

“As well as equipping businesses to manage their shipping and eCommerce needs directly, our partnership with ShipIT provides businesses with greater insight and transparency across all their logistical requirements, resulting in improved visibility and a seamless delivery experience through the supply chain.”

ShipIT’s customers range from small to large retail and e-commerce businesses, with the company’s customers shipping anywhere from five to ten packages a week, up to thousands of packages a day.

“With ShipIT, we’re able to use the same tool for multiple carriers for both domestic and international orders. This streamlines our booking operations and allows us to book hundreds of orders daily,” said Thomas Zulliger, E=-Commerce Director at Quiksilver.

“ShipIT’s integrated tracking and backend updates help our customer service team respond quickly to customer requests.  The company’s address validation tools also help us minimise errors considerably.”

ShipIT has three packages starting from $50 monthly for its Standard package for 400 shipments a month to its Enterprise package for $150 monthly for 20,000 shipments a month. Customers only need an account with a supported courier company and the appropriate printer to get started.

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