Target US Pins Pinterest Visual Search Deal

By Prinitha Govender | 03 Oct 2017

US-based Target is among a raft of retailers turning to new visual search streams to reach fresh customers. The retailer has signed an exclusive deal to integrate Pinterest’s Lens technology into its shopping app.

Brands are increasingly turning to visual search to help reach new customers, such as US-based Target’s new licensing deal to integrate Pinterest’s technology into its shopping app. Other retailer’s like The Home Depot is also utilising visual search to drive customers directly towards a purchase and bypassing the consideration phase.

Many retail brands are moving towards cross-platform campaigns to reach new customers, however some newcomers in visual search seem to be moving ahead faster than Google.

Pinterest is a social media/advertising platform that enables its users to share pictures or other images of products they like, which has fast become a favourite of retailers that use it to share images of new products.

Last week Target and Pinterest announced its new licensing agreement for the social media network’s visual search technology, Lens, which sees it acquire exclusive rights as a retailer in the US to access the technology.

Target and Pinterest say they have been working on the deal for three years, one that allows Target to integrate its gift registry mobile app with Pinterest’s visual search technology, enabling consumers to register gift ideas for new babies or weddings, for example, with plans to make the technology available through the Target mobile app.

While traditional keyword search will still have its place in product search, visual and voice recognition technology improvements will see a shift in the retail industry where the camera and microphone will play a greater role in the shopping experience.

“Visual search at a higher-funnel stage can match brands up with audiences who had no idea they were searching for them,” whereas buying branded keywords on Google puts impressions in front of consumers who already know the advertiser,” says Jon Kaplan, head of partnerships at Pinterest, as cited in the eMarketer’s report, Search Marketing 2017: Marketers Seek Out Consumer Intent As Device Habits Evolve.

Target US Pins Pinterest Visual Search Deal

In the last year, the San Fransisco-based social media platform has signed on deals with iconic brands like Target, by adding third-party measurement partners to its platform. US-based Target is the first retailer to sign such a deal with Pinterest, while back in April this year Samsung was the first consumer goods product to access its technology.

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