Temple & Webster To Take On $15 Billion Home Category

In an Australian first, Temple & Webster are set to launch their premium members-only shopping site, dedicated entirely to the home.

Founded by former CFO of eBay Australia and ex-CEO of Gumtree International, Brian Shanahan, as well as former Product Director for The Australian and creator of taste.com.au Adam McWhinney, Temple & Webster has been designed to digitally blend the powerful elegance of a magazine with the capability of a retail store.

The site, which owes a lot of its inspiration to successful US home decor private sale site One Kings Lane, utilises a magazine look and feel to generate confidence in its customers, enabling them to feel more comfortable about making big-ticket item purchases usually reserved for the showroom floor.

The members-only Temple & Webster are advertising discounts of up to 70 percent off retail prices for those who register, featuring sales from designers of homewares, furniture, kitchenware, soft furnishings, floor coverings, home décor and art.

While Australians have begun making purchases online in a big way (spending close to $30 billion online in 2011 alone), it is estimated that only five percent of retail sales in home-related categories have moved online. It is clear that the market is in need of something like Temple & Webster.

Temple & Webster offer the elegance of a magazine in their website.

“Fashion was the first big category to move online, however, even that market is at the start of the curve,” says Shanahan. “The next big category will be home and interiors and we are expecting significant growth for the foreseeable future”.

Temple & Webster are offering a site style and design focus that Australians are yet to see from a local retailer, including weekly design and interiors blog posts, photographs produced by a specialist production team as well as a site design team that is charged with maintaining the user experience to the highest standards.

“Temple & Webster is exciting because it is wholeheartedly embracing an inevitable future, and in a very stylish manner,” says David Clark, an interiors editor currently writing for the site.

A coffee table from Temple & Webster


2 thoughts on “Temple & Webster To Take On $15 Billion Home Category”

  1. Wiggy says:

    I’m not entirely sure that “Fashion was the first big category to move online” and I’m certain that homewares isn’t the second. Books? Banking? Music? Travel? Mobile phones? Insurance? All more likely to be purchased online.

    Still the site looks nice, not entirely sure *why* one should sign up though, to get to see what’s on sale?

    Good luck to them.

  2. Sam76 says:

    @Wiggy I think the quote is prob referring to retail categories. You are right though that books/music prob takes the mantel, but nowadays most people forget that as their retailing is synonymous with digital publishing eg iTunes

    Agree with you that the site looks good….

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